Glashütte Original Premieres Five New Short Films on the Brand at Berlinale 2015

Film protagonists with Glashutte Original CEO Yann GamardGerman luxury watch brand Glashütte Original chose a perfect venue in which to unveil to the public its innovative film project: the 65th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), with which the brand has partnered since 2011. WatchTime was among the select group of international journalists in attendance for the premiere screening of five new short films offering different perspectives on the brand. Scroll down to read more and to view all of the films.

The project began in August 2014, when Glashütte Original reached out to a select group of “friends, partners, and persons familiar with the industry,” offering them the opportunity to develop a concept for a short film that would present their own unique perspective on the watch brand. Out of the 17 concepts submitted, G.O. chose five to film and provided resources and support to the filmmakers to create the finished products. The result is five films in five different languages from a total of seven authors, each with a distinct and personal take on the brand and its meaning to the protagonist. Glashütte Original premiered the films during the Berlinale week at Berlin’s Soho-Haus, with both a small press group and the films’ originators and protagonists in attendance. A panel discussion, hosted by Glashütte Original CEO Yann Gamard, followed the premiere screening.

Film Protagonists with Glashutte-Original CEO Yann Gamard
The films’ protagonists with Glashutte Original CEO Yann Gamard at the Soho-Haus Screening

The films, all of which are available on Glashütte Original’s YouTube channel, can all be viewed in their entirety below. Which one is your favorite?

“Living the Mechanical Dream” is the concept of two watch aficionados from Norrkoping, Sweden, who were inspired by their lifelong fascination for things mechanical and for German engineering, which led them to discover Glashütte Original watches. It presents a view of the brand from owners who value precision over all.

“Phoenix Rising” by Monochrome Watches blogger (and sometime contributor) Brice Goulard is told from the point of view of a journalist motivated by his research into Glashütte Original’s fascinating and turbulent history. The film paints a vivid picture of the rich watchmaking heritage in the Saxon town of Glashütte and how that heritage has been handed down from generation to generation.

Journalist Joern Kengelbach teamed with seasoned composer (and fellow German) Sven Helbig for “The Sound of the Original.” This very unique film whose intent was to capture the sounds, along with the images, of the watch production process at Glashütte Original’s manufacture, from the groan of heavy machines to the hushed, refined sounds of watch assembly.

“My Journey with Glashütte Original” reveals a personal take on the brand from a passionate collector of some of its most notable timepieces, Hong Kong-based financial expert Dr. Zhiming Xu. It is the story of how a collector becomes a connoisseur, and how a connoisseur comes to treasure a particular watch brand.

In “Time Traveler,” Canadian watch and lifestyle journalist Rhonda Riche relates a very personal experience, with an old GUB ladies’ watch purchased at a flea market in Toronto leading her to bring the watch “home” to Glashütte. The film casts a light on how such vintage watches inspire Glashütte Original’s modern collection.

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