Pro Cycling Rivals Come Together Over Watches

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In a video interview you can watch at, top pro cycling sprinter Mark Cavendish and rival Filippo Pozzato reveal that though relations between them may not always have been on the best terms, all that changed once they got to know each other and learned they share an interest in watches.

Cavendish, who hails from the Isle of Man, is one of pro cycling’s most colorful characters, and he is widely regarded as the best sprinter in the pro peloton today. He chalked up 11 wins in his first professional season, and has gone on to win 15 Tour de France stages, among many other victories. A fierce competitor, “Cav” has been described as confident bordering on arrogant.

In years gone by, Cavendish and Italian rider Filippo Pozzato exchanged insults that caused many to characterize their relationship as antagonistic. Speaking to Cycle Sport in 2008, Pozzato said “I’ve got a lot of respect for almost everyone in the peloton but I just don’t like Riccardo Ricco and Mark Cavendish… Cavendish is dangerous because he never brakes and tries to go through impossible gaps.” Cavendish for his part called Pozzato an “Italian playboy” and his “least favorite rider in the peloton.”

Today however, all that is water under the bridge. In the Cycling News interview, Cavendish says that once the two got to know each other, they realized they had shared interests, including fine wristwatches. During the interview, Pozzato can be seen wearing an Audemars Piguet ROO. The interviewer asks Cav “Is that a good watch?” to which he replies “It is, yeah.” When asked “Have you got one similar?” Cav responds “I’ve got the same make – Audemars Piguet – but not like this. This is a rare one actually.”

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