Green Rambles: For the Love of Talking Nonsense

One of my favorite things to do is get together with my friends in watches. Sometimes, it is for a simple cup of coffee, and other times, we meet for elaborate dinners or a nice drink later in the evening. We make the atmosphere matter, as I have noticed that many people who are passionate about watches share an equal interest in good food and drinks. However, this is just because we like it, and it doesn’t even have to be upscale, as we actually come for the conversation and camaraderie. 

Which one is the best Submariner? You tell me, but preferably over drinks and with some good food to accompany us.

That conversation is hardly one that will change the world, as it is always focused on watches. But we discuss the latest developments in the industry, new timepieces we added to the collection, the ones we sold, the new models we like (and don’t like). For an outsider who might hear some of our conversation it must sound like we are talking in code: ‘I got the 16710 with a Pepsi, but I might change it to Coke, or should I go Noir?’ For us it is instantly crystal clear.

The further into the evening the meeting goes, the more relaxed the atmosphere, and then people start to toss in statements and questions that are bound to get an avid response, such as ‘Seamaster or Submariner?’ or ‘The best Royal Oak is a 5402ST A-series.’ As you already see, topics that you can debate about for years. Talking this nonsense is not only highly entertaining, when done with some gist, but also adds to a better understanding of the world of watches, I have learned. More importantly, it can also fuel friendships that might be based on this nonsense but are very real. Some of my oldest and strongest friendships emerged from our mutual passion for watches. While we enjoy talking nonsense, we are also there for each other for the more serious life events, and that is another great aspect of this wonderful hobby and amazing industry.

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