Bonus Audio: Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Watches

Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing Audemars PiguetHe’s back… and WatchTime’s got him. Our November-December 2012 issue featured “The Terminator’s Timers,” my profile of Hollywood icon and influential watch collector Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, exclusively on, you can hear excerpts from our interview, conducted at Schwarzenegger’s Santa Monica office.

In these clips from the interview, the actor and former California governor talks about the “watch drawer” in which he keeps his collection, his disdain for winders, the origins of his relationship with Audemars Piguet, and his role in the big-watch revolution.

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  1. James Haury

    I’m a bit more organized and protective of my watches but my collection is much less expensive.

  2. srhardy

    I posted under the watch gallery post, so i wont repeat it here but its nice to see im not the first to how bad the watch industry has gotten. I love Arnie! But i wouldnt follow him as he is probably going to hell, let alone want to own one of the crapy designs he was paid to launch.

    Arnie makes movies, make believe (holly wood was the wand the magicians used to cast spells) & then he was a pollie, where his greatest achievement was knocking up his maid! Now he is cashing (yes paid for, bought and sold ~ where we are the product and he the sales man)

    The sad thing is the watches don’t make any advancements on movements, materials and functionality or longevity. But i would have loved a singed autograph of my shirt and his stories would be legendary!

    I also want to thank WT for covering the show, your doing an awesome job, hope your enjoying yourself as much as i am reading them.

  3. Robinoz

    Most celebrities seem to have a line of underwear and fragrances, but not Arnie, he’s created his own watch brand. Goodonya Arnie!

  4. Sickening excess…the photo of all those high end watches just thrown into a desk drawer makes me ill. (see photo pg 118)
    Also, I found this on page 117 quite amusing: his collection includes “numerous models from brands like Panerai, Breitling, U-boat, Ritmo Mundo and Invicta”…INVICTA?!?

  5. How much bullshit Arnold can talk about watches? Is he just stupid about it or really cannot he realise how many shit he’s saying? And he designed one royal oak? How can someone besides Genta can say that? Came on, designing is not just changing the material and the size of A ALREADY DESiGNED object and you can say you designed it…. Can someone says to Arnold that he didn’t designed a thing, he just chose a material and a size of an object, really designers then did it. Nice interview mark, bad replys

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