Making Time: A Documentary Worth Watching

Watches are often in films, but what about a film about watches? Those are significantly more rare. This is one of the things that makes the documentary ‘Making Time,’ so special. It depicts an intimate and unscripted story of five people whose lives are intertwined with the world of watches. They include legendary independent watchmakers Philippe Dufour, Brittany Cox, and Ludovic Ballouard, master-engineer and serial collaborator Max Büsser of MB&F, as well as watchmaking favorite insider-outsider, Hollywood actor Aldis Hodge. 

Philippe and his daughter Daniela Dufour

The documentary portrays the world of watches without the glamour that is usually associated with it, freely highlighting the achievements of those five people, but also what it cost them to get where they are and the mistakes and losses they had to deal with along the way. It is a world that remains hidden and an important part of the fabric that makes mechanical watchmaking what it is today.   

Master Watchmaker Brittany Cox

One of the reasons the quality of this documentary is so high is because of its top-notch production team. Making Time is directed by Liz Unna, a specialist in documentaries who has worked for Discovery Channel and Channel Four. Producer Kat Mansoor has an equally impressive resume, which also includes winning multiple Grierson awards. The two executive producers are of watch world fame, being Hind Seddiqi, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Seddiqi Holding and Director General of Dubai Watch Week, and Ian Skellern, renowned watch journalist and co-founder of Quill & Pad.  

Max Büsser, founder of MB&F

Making Time is marketed by Journeyman Pictures and is available to buy or rent through iTunes, Amazon, and their own website. Watch enthusiasts living in Canada are lucky, as the distribution rights have been sold in this country. It will be released in cinemas in February 2023, and shown on a later date on Canadian TV. 

To learn more, visit Making Time, here

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