Swatch Sistem51 to Launch in the U.S. on July 1

Swatch Sistem51 - redTo those outside of Switzerland awaiting your opportunity to purchase the Swatch Sistem51 — the eminently affordable watch with an innovative, Swiss-made mechanical movement introduced at Baselworld 2013 — your wait is nearly over. The Swatch Group today announced that the Sistem51 will launch at a “pop-in-shop” at the Swatch flagship boutique in New York’s Times Square in July 1.


The first Swatch Sistem51 U.S. launch, at the brand’s flagship store on 1528 Broadway, New York City, will be followed by a second pop-in-shop launch on July 8th in San Francisco, at 101 Grant St on the corner of Geary Avenue.

Swatch has revealed that the design of the pop-in shops will reflect the chosen theme of the Sistem51 launch, “The Front Tells the Time — The Back Tells the Story.”  From the official press release:

“Entering the store drives the customer ‘inside the Story’: an oversized blue screw delights the imagination and draws attention to SISTEM51’s unique single central screw, one of the main features of this revolutionary SWATCH product (a mechanical watch made of only 51 parts!) All of the key features of SISTEM51 are displayed on this big blue screw in the store, and visitors can also touch and try on the different models. The floor of each pop-up store re-presents the fascinating radial stripes pattern that features on the back of two of the debut models. Inspired by pop art, the stripes recall the brand’s signature affair with art and artists and its renowned design DNA. A further in-store talking point is a multi-color print representing SISTEM51’s characteristic dial visuals, a planetary design language that features six red points indicating six of the automatic movement’s 19 rubies. The print appears on the ceiling surrounding the giant blue screw.”

For details on the Swatch Sistem51 and the technology behind it, click here to read our post-Baselworld 2013 article.

Swatch Sistem51 - red
The Sistem Red (above) and Sistem Blue (below): two of the Sistem51 watches launching in the U.S. this July.

Swatch Sistem51 - blue

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  1. T A N I A B I G I

    The Sistem51 will be available in four hues – red, blue, white and black. It will carry a price tag of $150 in the U.S.

  2. OK, but when can we buy it?

    And when does it show up in teh Atlanta boutique?

  3. Edward Wickham

    Mark, Do you know what this means for general availability in the US? I’m not near any Swatch store, so amazon or pre-ordering through a store are my first options.

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