NAWCC Opens Sales Site to the Buying Public


The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC) is allowing non-members to make purchases at its online home for auctions, trading, and classifieds. This means that buyers who are not NAWCC members can register to browse and buy, but not sell; selling still requires NAWCC membership. NAWCC is excited to showcase the quality merchandise available on the site.

The new trading site offers Paypal-based automatic billing features and money-transfer protocols, and the NAWCC hopes to become just as convenient as other online auction services, while offering savings to sellers. Both members and non-members are encouraged to shop around, exchange the horological wealth and knowledge, and just generally share the fruits of the wonderful hobby we all love so well.

The organization notes that while new users need not be NAWCC members, they must strictly adhere to the NAWCC Member Code of Ethical Conduct when using the site.

Visit the new auction website at, or click the graphic below.

NAWCC Sales Site
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