Ulysse Nardin Aquires Dial Enameler Donzé Cadrans

Ulysse Nardin Aquires Donzé Cadrans

After many years at the helm of Donzé Cadrans, Francine and Michel Vermot have decided to retire, selling their 100 percent stake to Ulysse Nardin. UN says this move will secure the long-term future of the business and its know-how, placing it in the hands of the company which renewed interest in the art of enameling in the eighties and has played a major role in the growth of Donzé Cadrans.

Perhaps no other luxury watch brand creates as many varied enamel dials as Ulysse Nardin. Mention enamel dials, and many collectors will think first of San Marco Chronometers with deep blue dials, or with dials honoring great sailing ships.

Ulysse Nardin Chief Executive Officer Patrik Hoffmann noted: “The acquisition of Donzé Cadrans maintains our strategy of continuity and vertical production, while reflecting our heritage and tradition of our Manufacture.”

The acquisition will provide Ulysse Nardin with additional cloisonné and grand-feu enamel expertise. Click here to learn more about Ulysse Nardin and enamel.

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