Confrérie Horlogère Launches New Web Site

Confrérie Horlogère Pulsion

On September 23 the haute horlogerie brand Confrérie Horlogère launched its new web site. The Confrérie Horlogère was created by Mathias Buttet in April, 2008. His vision is a watch brand that allows talented young craftsmen to create the timepieces of their dreams. Backing the endeavor is BNB Concept, a name perhaps less well known than Christophe Claret or Renaud & Papi, but nonetheless among the leaders when it comes to producing high-end complicated watch movements.

The new web site uses an imaginative navigation system. When you first view the site, you may think something is not quite right. Take a few moments to click some of the navigation links, and you will quickly get the hang of it. You can visit the site by clicking the image below.

Below, Ranieri Illicher’s Bel Canto minute repeater tourbillon.
Confrérie Horlogère Bel Canto

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