Ergonomic Growth: Bulova Curv Chronograph Debuts in New Tonneau Case

In 2016, Bulova introduced the Curv, a quartz chronograph watch noted and named for its extreme curvilinear case and the groundbreaking mechanism humming inside it, which the brand touted as “the world’s first curved chronograph movement.” Five years later, Bulova re-imagines the original Curv’s ergonomically sculpted, ultra-thin round case, crafting an all-new tonneau-shaped model in two executions.

Bulova Curv Chrono - YG - side

The shape of the new Curv models, says Bulova, takes some stylistic influence from the soft-edged square and rectangular cases popularized by smartwatches and fitness devices. Both versions are in stainless steel and exhibit a powerful wrist presence at 41 mm x 50 mm in diameter. One version features a gleaming yellow-gold-tone finish, with a matching gold-tone bracelet and monochromatic gold dial; the other matches a rose-gold-and-black-tone case and predominantly brown dial with a brown, alligator-grain leather strap. Like their predecessor, the case curves to tightly caress the wearer’s wrist. The dial is partially skeletonized behind the outer minute track,cutout subdials, and luminous-tipped hands.

What has always made the Bulova Curv noteworthy, of course, is that not only its case but its movement is curved: it’s essentially a version of Bulova’s ultra-high-frequency Precisionist caliber that has been bent to accommodate the contours of the case. The five-hand, chronograph-equipped movement has a frequency of 262 kilohertz, which is eight times greater than a standard quartz watch movement. At that rate, the watch’s seconds hand does not skip from second to second as on a standard quartz watch, but moves in a continuous sweep around the dial, like a mechanical-watch hand. Also rare in a quartz-powered timepiece is the transparent window in the back which shows off the concave Precisionist movement while following its (and the case’s) seamless curve. The new Bulova Curv models are priced between $1,150 and $1,295.

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  1. Randy Rogers

    Both very attractive Timepieces. For myself, I don’t see a skeletonized Dial on a Quartz Timepiece, would have much preferred a recessed Dial in an alternative Color or Finish. I also feel, with any introduction like this, that is directed to Retail Distribution, a SS Finish, possibly a Lapis
    Blue w/Strap ($1,050.00) to match, this would allow 3 Pricepoints, tell a story, occupy a Focal point in Display, with a quick $3,495 at Retail sell-in. Lastly, the only omission is a Center-Post Counting Hand for the Chronograph, as the Second Hand Register is constant on most Chronographs.

  2. Michael MacKenzie

    Unless they have changed, the second hand does not move smoothly around the sundial, but a actually ticks every two seconds which really turned me off from purchasing this watch. This was confirmed to me by Bulova.

  3. burton rothberg

    Good idea for guys with smaller wrists who still want to wear a large watch.

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