Reaches 1 Million Monthly Page Views

watchtime web logoFor the first time in its history, Watchtime’s website,, has reached 1 million monthly page views. The website, with its unique mix of news, blog posts, live event coverage, reviews, features, interviews, in-depth analysis and free downloads, has seen strong and steady growth; more than 400,000 readers visit every month.

The website is now one of the world’s largest watch media platforms. It covers the full range of watches, from entry-level models to the world’s most expensive watches, some priced at or even above $1 million.

“We are proud of the success, and thank all our readers for making what it is today,” says Mark Bernardo, digital media editor. Joe Thompson, editor-in-chief, adds: “WatchTime magazine is number one in the U.S. in its category, selling more copies than all its competitors combined. WatchTime is also one of the world’s leading watch magazines available for tablets. I’m very happy that our team was able to replicate this success on the web with”

Adds Dominik Grau, publisher of WatchTime, “It is our mission to make WatchTime a global authority and a leader in the watch publishing market. We recently launched local editions in India and South America, with more editions soon to be announced. The high digital growth rate of helps us in getting WatchTime’s content in front of as many global readers as possible. With its unique audience, WatchTime is an excellent multi-channel advertising platform for luxury brands.”

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