Will There be a Black Omega X Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase?

Just two weeks after the announcement of the Omega-collaborative Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase with a white case and dial, Swatch surprised with a new teaser campaign on Instagram featuring the famous beagle. In a short clip, Snoopy tries to blow out two candles on a cake. However, he only succeeds in blowing out the white candle – the black one continues to burn. Earlier this week, the teasers continued, with a black variation of the “I can’t sleep without a nightlight!” moonphase spinning, Snoopy in tow, in the brand’s next hint at the likely new watch.

Fans of the collaboration between Omega and Swatch which began two years ago are excited that this might mean a new execution of the Mission to the Moonphase in black Bioceramic. As with the previous versions, Omega and Swatch keep the suspense up until the very last moment. What is already clear is that a new version will once again send fans on a pilgrimage to Swatch stores around the world, where it will be sold exclusively.

To learn more, visit Swatch, here.

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