Sponsored: Bulova Unveils Meteorite Limited Edition Lunar Pilot Watch

This month, Bulova once again revisits one of its most attention-grabbing vintage inspired designs, unveiling its latest creation in the new Meteorite Limited Edition Lunar Pilot Watch. The new release extends Bulova’s celebrated Lunar Pilot Watch collection, mirroring the dimensions of the original at 43.5mm; the starry-eyed timepiece joins the brand’s popular Archive Series, expanding the range of fascinating, space-ready chronographs with a novel meteorite dial.

The history of Bulova’s Lunar Pilot chronograph dates back to August 2nd, 1971, during NASA’s Apollo 15 mission. The watch, designed for the rigors of space, played a critical role in the mission’s success. It ensured the safety of astronauts by tracking time for oxygen, water, and battery usage in life support systems and served as a backup for the spacecraft’s timers. Bulova re-introduced the design in 2017 with a faithful interpretation of the original aesthetic, having expanded the options as part of the series multiple times since, perhaps most notably upon the 50th anniversary of the historical Apollo 15 mission in 2021.

The new Limited Edition Lunar Pilot continues the modern legacy of the vintage tool watch, with its chief inspiration drawing from meteoroids that survive the journey through Earth’s atmosphere and come to be known as meteorites. These meteorites, known for their distinctive Widmanstätten patterns – that is, a crystalline structure formed over millions of years – are used to produce each dial, making each uniquely patterned and irreplicable.

As mentioned, the Meteorite Limited Edition Lunar Pilot mirrors the dimensions of the original space-ready tool watch at 43.5mm, with it featuring a sophisticated sandblasted grade-5 titanium and stainless steel case that’s secured to the wrist via a black leather NATO-style strap. A 50m water resistance supports the chronograph’s sporty wear, while a lunar relief design with an individualized number on the watch’s caseback adds to its collectable style.

The dial of the space watch is protected by a sapphire crystal and showcases the ancient Muonionalusta Meteorite, believed to be 4.5653 billion years old. Black and lume accents add to the watch’s looks and quick legibility, helping form meet function in its wear. Powering the new model is Bulova’s advanced NP20 High Precision Quartz (HPQ) chronograph movement, accurate to 1/20th second, with the movement seamlessly supporting the watch’s precision utility.

Limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide, the new Bulova Meteorite Limited Edition Lunar Pilot is priced at $1,495. Each watch comes in special packaging with a storybook, Limited Edition card, and Certificate of Authenticity.

To learn more, visit Bulova, here.

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