My Favorite Watch: Neha Bajpai from WatchTime India

In the new series, My Favorite Watch, WatchTime speaks to interesting personalities in the watch industry. The interviews revolve around the subject’s favorite watch model, their experience in the industry, and other topics. We start with our colleague Neha Bajpai, Editor at WatchTime India and member of the international Watchstars awards jury.


Neha Bajpai, Issue Editor WatchTime India and Watchstars Awards Jury Member
Neha Bajpai, Issue Editor WatchTime India and Watchstars Awards Jury Member

What is your favorite watch?

Why this model?
I love the simplicity of this watch, it suits my taste in accessories. Over the last 86 years, the Reverso has retained its position as one of the most stunning watch icons. Jaeger-LeCoultre has beautifully adapted the design of the watch with various complications without ever compromising the elegance of this timepiece.

On the Watchstars jury page, your bio reveals that you thought you wouldn’t be able to write about “just watches.” What did you report on before? Do you sometimes miss it?
I have been covering luxury and lifestyle for over 12 years now. I have also covered health, women and child development, and human interest stories for The Week, our parent magazine. Watches was an absolutely new subject for me and a highly specialized beat. The world of watches has proven me wrong about it; there is just so much to explore and write about. I still have a lot to learn and I’m thoroughly enjoying my stint at WatchTime.

How did it happen that you started writing about watches? What caught your interest?
The Week introduced an annual supplement on jewelry and watches in 2010 and I was asked to take charge of that magazine. I gradually started learning more about watches. In 2012, we collaborated with the Ebner group to bring WatchTime to India. It is the only magazine on luxury watches in the country and, so far, we have had stupendous success with this title.

Have your opinions about the watch industry changed in the last few years since diving into it?
Of course. Over the last six years, I have learned to not just cover the surface but to dig deeper. I’m hugely inspired by my mentor, Joe Thompson, WatchTime’s former editor in chief. Thanks to him, I have learned to look beyond the obvious in the luxury watch business.

A day without a watch – is that possible?
It is the only accessory I wear. I love coordinating colorful straps with my outfits.

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  1. Daniel Katz

    Neha Bajpai, from my perspective here in Toronto
    A very interesting person….. like to seee her other articles on human interest …… magnificently photogenic

  2. Robert Harper

    How does the Indian watch markets differ from the American or European watch markets!

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