JLC Atmos Regulator for Alfred Dunhill


Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces an Atmos Regulator clock in a limited series of 28 pieces created for Alfred Dunhill. The clock stands in a black varnished casing with a clear glass front. This casing is set on a black shelf with a tinted glass background that features art deco designs inspired by Dunhill’s iconic 1930s lighters and cigarette cases. The front of the shelf is inlaid with black stingray leather, a reference to Dunhill’s heritage in luxury leather. Inspired by regulators of former times, the Atmos Regulator displays hours and minutes on two separate dials. The movement – a Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 582 – appears to be suspended in mid-air.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Atmos clocks are powered by slight changes in temperature, needing no winding, electricity or batteries. A temperature change of one degree Celsius powers the clock for 48 hours. The clock’s spring oscillates only twice a minute instead of the average 300 times typical for a traditional wristwatch. The Atmos uses 250 times less energy than a classic wristwatch. The Atmos functions with exact precision only when placed on a level surface. To ensure perfect performance, each of the clock’s feet can be adjusted. This mechanism, along with the spirit level housed in the clock’s case, ensures that the clock remains level at all times.

The Atmos Regulator is available now at Jaeger-LeCoultre boutiques and retailers with a suggested price of $70,600.


Atmos Regulator, Jaeger-LeCoultre for Alfred Dunhill – Technical Characteristics

Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, Calibre 582.
Mechanical almost perpetual regulator movement, crafted and assembled by hand.
Almost perpetual, 242 parts
Circular balance, 60-second oscillation period

Operating principle of the Atmos:

Inside a hermetically sealed capsule, a gaseous mixture expands when the temperature rises and contracts when the temperature drops. This principle supplies the energy required to drive the clock. A difference of one degree Celsius is enough to keep it running for 48 hours

Hours and minutes on separate dials
Perpetual moon phase (1-day difference every 3,821 years)
24-hour indication


Rhodium-plated hour and minute dial with transferred black numerals. Rhodium-plated, black lacquered age of the moon display at 6 o’clock, silvered-coloured moon and stars. Rhodium-plated month and 24-hour wheel with engraved indications

Hands: Black-varnished

Cabinet: Black-varnished metallic structure, inlayed with black stingray leather. Glass crystal cabinet and door. Tinted glass. Silvered metalized Art deco designs.

Dimensions: 401 x 251.5 x 131 mm

Limited series of 28 pieces.

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