Green Rambles: Make All Watches Unisex

One of the things that have always struck me as very weird is watch brands telling us for which gender, specific models are. While this very well may help the marketing department target its efforts, why would you voluntarily limit to who you are selling your product to? Granted, not many men will be drawn to wear a 28mm watch with a pink mother-of-pearl dial decorated with butterflies, but for the most part, it is a grey area, with quite a few watches being able to go either way.

Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech Blu Notte

Women often are far more adventurous in this matter than men. They more easily venture out and wear Rolex sports models or even 44mm Panerai’s. They often don’t feel that their femininity is compromised when wearing something that is advertised as being masculine. Men, on the other hand, often feel far less comfortable even considering wearing a watch marketed towards the fairer sex. The best way to ensure that the majority of them do not even look twice at these watches is to put the term ‘lady’ in the model’s name.

It is interesting to note that trends do have an effect on this. While we are now moving again into smaller and thinner watches, the boundaries between male and female timepieces gradually dissolve. Combine this with the gender fluidity that is accepted more widely every day, and it makes sense to let the clients decide what to wear without pre-tagging their decisions. In doing so, men and women will more freely pick a timepiece that truly suits them, and isn’t that what it is all about?

Have you ever bought a watch marketed towards the other sex? Let us know in the comments

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  1. Michael Chang

    Generally I prefer larger complicated pieces, the only sub 36” left is a His/Hers Gold bracelet Breguet Classique

  2. Steven Daniel

    That’s fine just as long as they keep making big manly divers watches.

  3. I’m so glad to see comments such as these. This miniscule fringe element wants to change gender and every rule of nature we have. Just stop.

  4. John G Kozeka

    No, no company should make all watches unisex. Men are men and women are women. Why the constant urge to mesh the sexes? Men are different from women, not better, not worse, just different…and that’s okay. I do not like women who smoke cigars, wear men’s suits and ties and wear 45MM watches. I think they are saying “I’m as good as a man and I can hang with you”. Women do not have to look like us to show they are our “equal”. My wife is intelligent, strong willed, ambitious, confident and successful. She is beautiful, sexy and a WOMAN. We need to put a stop to this radical liberal idea that we have to look and be the same. I like the thick black line between us.

  5. “…Combine this with the gender fluidity that is accepted more widely every day, ..” replace accepted with propagandized and pushed and I will have fixed that statement for you.

  6. Joel Michael Ruddy

    Yes, that is what it is all about. And I could not agree more. All watches should be unlabeled, or labeled as unisex. This would also help to eliminate gender bigotry.

    • Please no just no. women have way more options when it comes to clothing,shoes, accessories, jewelry etc. Watches for Us Guys is like our main piece of Mens jewelry we actually have left.

    • Kevin O'Neill

      Exactly, Julio. My exact thoughts! What is wrong with this country? Progressives have destroyed it from the top down and this is the new normal, never will it be “great again.” Thankfully, all my watches are named with their true pronouns.

  7. thewatchidiot

    It seems every new watch has a “story”. It appears all old watches had a “story” too. How would these stories work to create interest and sell when men and women seem to be drawn to different narratives.
    I would be interested to know how they can successfully do this?

  8. Mike Lamberti

    Please, I have had enough with small size watches for men. Unisex, fine as long as women like a 42-45mm size.

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