Green Rambles: Buying Your Childhood Heroes

I still have very vivid memories of the first watches that caught my eye, all those years ago when I was about to set my first steps in the world of watches. I never bought them, as at the time I couldn’t afford them, but they have always stayed in the back of my mind. It is pretty similar to having those posters above your bed of Ferrari and Lamborghini. As a kid, you dreamed about them, but they also planted a seed. Years, perhaps even decades later, you might find yourself in a position that allows you to turn those childhood dreams into a reality.

I recently had such an experience with a late 1990s Omega Constellation Perpetual Calendar. I still remember eyeing this model in the brand’s catalogs and the shop windows of their dealers. My adventures in the world of watches took me a different route, but when such a Constellation crossed my path recently, I couldn’t resist. There is the risk that your childhood hero disappoints when you finally obtain it. In my experience, with both cars and watches, this is often not the case. Finally being able to experience and enjoy what you dreamed of all these years, even when it was subconsciously, gives a deep sense of satisfaction.

The added advantage is that these childhood heroes are also quite affordable in many cases. That is quite pleasant in a world where the prices of some watches have gone through the stratosphere with the speed of light. You might not be able to buy all your childhood heroes, but there is probably at least one within grasps. While my taste has most certainly evolved over the years, Constellation has a hard time leaving my wrist. The appeal that it had on me all those years ago hasn’t lingered one bit and was right back the moment I held it in my hands again. The fact that it was even affordable makes owning it all the better. So now might be the best time ever to revisit some memories and see what your childhood heroes do today.

Which timepieces did you dream about when you started exploring the world of watches? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Dan F Spencer, III

    Armand Nicolet of Tramelan stored some of their in-house calibres when they shut down in response to the Quartz invasion. When they re-opened they made some limited editions utilizing these Original Historical Movements. Not fully skeletonized, most of them do have some open faceworks and it’s very appealing to me to have a like-new old handmade movement that runs like new in a stylish new watch. I have no idea how difficult it is to obtain one today.

  2. Brian Friedrichs

    From the time I was about 10 years old (Born 1957) I was an active golfer playing junior then intermediate aged tournaments. The PGA stars of that time all wore Rolex so I always wanted a gold President day date. About 1979 or 1980 while at college I took all my part time job money and bought a Rolesor. Too poor for that gold President. So I did get my dream watch which I still own today. But tastes change. Today the big watch on the PGA tour is A.P. and some IWC. I have added to my collection with a Blanpain, Breguet, Nomos and Omega but it was fun plus blood sweat and tears saving up for that first luxury watch.

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