First Look: Citizen’s New Marvel Watches Launching at New York Comic Con

Citizen Watch Co. announced its partnership with Disney and Marvel at Baselworld 2018. Less than a year later, the collaboration has produced its first specially designed, super-hero-themed timepieces — launched in front of an enthusiastic crowd this week at New York Comic Con, the East Coast’s biggest pop culture extravaganza. WatchTime was there for an exclusive sneak preview.

Citizen Marvel Watch Display NYCC
Citizen’s Watch Display at the Marvel Booth at New York Comic Con

The new Citizen Marvel Timepieces, eight models in total, take their inspiration from some of Marvel’s most popular characters from both the comics pages and the big screen — with dials, cases, and straps evoking the spirit of the Avengers, the Black Panther, Captain America, the Hulk, and Spider-Man. The good news for Marvel fans is that the timepieces’ signature elements are true to the mythos of their favorite Marvel Universe characters; the good news for watch enthusiasts is that the designs are all very solid.

Citizen Avengers
Citizen Avengers Watch

The Avengers watch (above) pays tribute to Marvel’s premier supergroup with the iconic gold-colored Avengers “A” in the center, beneath the golden luminous hands and red seconds hand. The predominantly red, black, and gold color scheme seems also to evoke the armor of Iron Man, who in Marvel Cinematic Universe was instrumental in bringing the team together. The solid caseback features a Marvel logo.

Citizen Black Panther three-hand
Citizen Black Panther Three-Hand

Marvel’s Black Panther — aka King T’Challa of Wakanda — makes his presence felt on not one but two predominantly black timepieces, both with dials etched with a tribal pattern from the high-tech jungle kingdom. Both have silver, diamond-shaped indices that look like the pendants on T’Challa’s necklace, and violet colored accents that echo the look of the energy fields that emit from the Panther’s uniform. One model is a three-hand (above) with a panther mask motif on the dial and a rubber strap; the other (below) is a tricompax chronograph on a blackened steel bracelet.

Citizen Black Panther Chronograph
Citizen Black Panther Chronograph

Captain America’s background as a U.S. army soldier during World War II inspired the design of Citizen’s Captain America watch, which features a 24-hour time track and a triple date window on the dial in the style of a vintage military field watch, as well as a sturdy leather strap with a camouflage pattern. Cap’s red, white, and blue shield appears as an insignia between 7 and 8 o’clock, and a winged Avengers “A” appears at 12 o’clock.

Citizen Captain America
Citizen Captain America Watch

The incredible Hulk, Marvel’s green-tinted powerhouse, is known for smashing things. Thus, the dial of the Hulk watch is dominated by a green fist “smashing” through the surface. The Arabic hour numerals are appropriately large, and tinted in green. Green is also used for the stitching on the strap, which is made of heavy buffalo leather that is likely to make the wearer think of the Hulk’s indestructible hide.

Citizen Hulk
Citizen Hulk Watch

Spider-Man, perhaps Marvel’s most well-known iconic hero, is also honored with two timepieces, both sporting the red-and-blue colors of the web-slinger’s costume. The three-hand version comes with a black rubber strap and a blue finish on the steel case. A white spiderweb pattern spreads across the bright blue dial, and the hero’s spider emblem appears at 12 o’clock. On the chronograph model (like the Black Panther chrono, offered on a steel bracelet), the spider logo appears in the chronograph subdial at 6 o’clock. On the dial’s flange, surrounding the web-patterned dial, is a tachymeter scale highlighted in red and blue.

Citizen Spider-Man three-hand
Citizen Spider-Man Three-Hand
Citizen Spider-Man Chronograph
Citizen Spider-Man Chronograph

Finally, the whole universe of Marvel Heroes and their decades of history are celebrated on the dial of the Marvel Heroes timepiece, perhaps the option most appealing to old-school fans of the comics. The navy blue dial features a patchwork of panel artwork from vintage Marvel Comics. Contrasting red highlights are used for the minute hand, the tip of the seconds hand, and on the blue textile strap.

Citizen Marvel Heroes
Citizen Marvel Heroes Watch

All the watches are equipped with Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive movements, which are powered by any light source and thus do not require battery replacements. They are also priced in a consumer-friendly range between $275 to $625. Citizen Watch America president Jeffrey Cohen, who attended the presentation at Comic Con, said, “Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with Marvel and were highly anticipating the opportunity to create product around the many inspiring stories of Marvel characters and super heroes. We expect that all enthusiasts and fans alike will find a watch they can relate to and wear in support of their favorite character or for the unique design elements.”

While the Citizen Marvel timepieces are not available at retail as yet, potential customers can sign up at to be alerted as to when they will be released.



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  1. Blanca González García

    Por favor, me podrían decir cuándo salen a la venta estos modelos Citizen Marvel?
    Muchas Gracias!

    • Stephen Brown

      Hi Sascha, I would love to see what they can or will do for characters like Black Widow or Scarlet with or Rogue.

      Cheers, Steve

  2. Wait does this mean Invicta is no longer a partner with Marvel and Disney?

    • Stephen Brown

      Funny Rick I thought the same thing. Hoping for a Wolverine model that will have 3 adamantium claws for hands and make a “SNIKT” sound as its alarm too. Cheers Steve

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