Craftsmanship Meets Mechanical Creativity in the Erwin Sattler Graziosa 60

The new “small” clock from Erwin Sattler impresses with top-class features and horological finesse. Powered by the manufacture caliber 1315, the compact regulator pulley clock boasts a power reserve of 14 days. As is de rigueur at Erwin Sattler, the Graziosa 60 is designed to last a long time and meets the high standards of the southern German clock manufacturer in all technical and aesthetic aspects.

These include through-hardened stainless-steel parts, hard brass for wheels and movement plates, as well as seven jewel bearings and four ball bearings. The hand-crafted movement is housed in a classic black lacquered case with metal inlays in the cornice and base, which measures 54 cm in height and 15 cm in width to fit into even the smallest of spaces.

In combination with the beautiful two-part black dial and the filigree polished steel hands, the result is a clock that is exudes elegance. As such, it is limited to 65 pieces.

Pricing is marked at approximately $10,200 when converted to USD.

To learn more, visit Erwin Sattler, here.

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