Introducing the Bulova Computron LED

I’m writing this article with the Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph strapped to my left wrist. It was released in late 2015 to signify the start of the American-born brand’s Archive Series. As many red-blooded, flag-touting watch enthusiasts are aware, Bulova has a long history of being America’s premier watchmaker with a production history that goes back to 1875. And, although the brand has been owned by Japan’s Citizen Group since 2008, this history remains intact and many stateside collectors retain a soft spot in their horological habit for the company.

The Archive Series is the main way in which Bulova has retained this goodwill, and its success among watch enthusiasts is an indicator of the brand’s overall health in the marketplace. Following the Lunar Moonwatch was the Stars and Stripes Chronograph C, and last year’s successful Devil Diver relaunch. Joining these models today is the Bulova Computron LED, a digital timekeeper that ties directly into the brand’s past.

As electronic watches and quartz watches began growing in popularity throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Bulova continued to forge ahead with innovations such as the Accutron Quartz, the first quartz-crystal watch sold in the USA. Shortly, Bulova catered to the era’s growing demand for digital timekeepers by adding a line of Accuquartz watches with digital LCD time displays, and eventually, the all-digital Computron LED, with its very unconventional and (at the time) somewhat futuristic trapezoidal case with LED display on the side.


This style is often called a “drivers’ watch” because its layout enables a driver to check the time without moving his wrist from the steering wheel; in the case of the Computron, the angled time display — the wearer would press the command button once for the time, and again for the date —  also addressed the problem of glare from direct sunlight impairing the visibility on an LED watch.

While the design remains authentic to the time it was introduced, Bulova has added a bit of complexity with the addition of a dual time zone that can be seen through a push of the button on the right side of the case as well month/date/day indicator.

Three versions of the Computron LED will be making their way to stores in either an all-gold plated case with a matching bracelet and a red LED display ($395), Black IP with a rubber strap and a blue LED display ($295), and a stainless steel version with a blue LED display ($295).

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  1. What is the name/number of this quartz movement/caliber? Can you provide me with specific number?

  2. Utaiwan Samuel

    What type of batteries require?
    What does the meaning of cell 228?
    Where can I get batteries for my watch which needs 2 batteries?

  3. Nelson A Rodas

    I need set the time date and day . On my New Bulova Computron . Please send me the Intructions how to program and set the time . Thank you

    • You need toothpick, press button that will show you time ( right ) then quick use toothpick to hold left button until 24h showup then press left button with your toothpick then you can adjust time and minutes.

      • Murray White

        I just purchased the 97C110 Sept. 1, 2019 and was told that the manual is online. The one offered for d/l just gave a lot of the same general info in dozens of languages and unless it is very well hidden, there did not seem to be anywhere that actual instructions were offered. If anyone knows on which page in English this info is, I will appreciate it. TIA

  4. Hamilton P Carvalho

    My concern about this watch is that it is too small, and thats a huge mistake. I want one but if it looks too small on my wrist, I will return it.

  5. Bruce H. Miller

    A shake to activate time display, or a change in wrist angle, would be far superior to having to reach over and press the activating button. With button activation ONLY, its a deal breaker for me.

  6. benoit simard

    i wrote you yesterday on bulova i would be honor that you print my letter being french canadian someone may hahe to correct my syntacs.i have a request could you send what i wrote to bulova in new York (svp)please merci for you help

  7. Bigswifty500

    LOL. “This style is often called a “drivers’ watch” because its layout enables a driver to check the time without moving his wrist from the steering wheel”….yeah, no need to remove your wrist from the steering wheel, but you need your other hand to push the damn button to see the time!

  8. Steve Payne

    Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should!

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