Baume & Mercier’s new Clifton Baumatic: Lengthened Service Intervals

A mechanical watch movement is a complex mechanism comprising numerous mobile miniature components. Their perpetual interaction results in friction and wear ultimately influencing the smooth running of the movement. This is one of the reasons why watches have to be returned for regular service.

The new Clifton Baumatic from Baume & Mercier with the maison’s first in-house mechanical self-winding calibre, the Baumatic BM12-1975A, is offering lengthened maintenance service intervals beyond the generally recommended three to five years. Additionally, the new Baumatic is resistant to at least 1500 Gauss without residual effect and comes with a convenient five-day power reserve with full chronometer precision (-4/+6 seconds per day over the entire 120 hour power reserve).

Baume & Mercier’s Clifton Baumatic is enhancing the user experience in four key areas:

  • More autonomy with five-day power reserve
  • Enhanced accuracy performance
  • Resistance to magnetic fields
  • Great durability

The Challenge:

Like a car, your mechanical watch needs to be serviced now and then. If a watch is worn sparingly, the interval can be longer, but if constantly worn, owners should let elapse between servicing. Which is why most watch manufacturers recommend servicing every three to five years.

The new Baumatic offers considerably longer intervals between services, limiting the time without actually having the watch.

The Response:

Through fine understanding of wear conditions, intense research and modeling, lubricant formulations have been adjusted to fulfil their long lasting mission under severe strains. Each key function is being thoroughly tested with new procedures and tests developed specifically to account for strains a watch encounters over time. These stress tests not only include thousands of repetitive cycles to simulate more than 10 years of intense use, but also newer tests reflecting more accurately today’s activities and lifestyles.

The five different versions of the new Clifton Baumatic are available from September 2018 on, with prices starting at $2,750.

To learn more about the collection, visit:

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  1. The watch has some great features. But, I just can’t get past that “Baumatic” name. It sounds like something Ron Popeil would peddle on a late-night TV commercial 20 years ago: “Introducing the Baumatic. It slices. It dices. And it also makes perfect deviled eggs. Get two for the price of one!”

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