Swatch Releases $90 Scuba Libre Divers’ Watch

scubalibre150For those in search of a dive watch who are on a tight budget, Swatch has released a line of inexpensive dive watches named Scuba Libre. Water-resistant to 200 meters, the Scuba Libre watches have bold indicators in high-contrast colors, making them easy to read when underwater. The watches also feature rotating bezels and silicone straps.

The new collection offers several models in nine different color combinations, with three of the new models featuring transparent dials to show the colorful movements inside their translucent cases. The Scuba Libra retails for just $90.

Three of the Scuba Libra styles (from left to right): “Stormy,” “Playero,” “Deep Turtle”
Open-dial Scuba Libre styles: “Clownfish,” “Cuttlefish,” “Chlorofish”
Left to right: "Blanca," "Whalebone," "Sundowner"
Left to right: “Blanca,” “Whalebone,” “Sundowner”
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  1. Bespoke

    Just brought home the playero, yellow and blue. Amazing legibility at this price!

  2. They buy out all the watch companies they can, and all the Swiss movement companies, and this is all they come up with? More toy watches? Wake me when it’s over.

  3. Mary Gutierrez

    Please let me know how much each. I like all. ! How can I buy it? Thanks.

    • The headlines says, “Swatch Releases $90 Scuba Libre Divers’ Watch”

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