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p150If you missed out on our previous offers and would like to receive a copy of the WatchTime 2012 Buyer’s Guide, you have another chance. For a limited time, we’re now offering a free download of the Guide to all new subscribers to our newsletter, WatchTime Weekly. Click here for the details or go to





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  1. Anthony Harraka

    I had been a subscriber on the past and I have missed reading about the new watch models.

  2. Tim, the link usually is included in our auto-responder e-mail once you’ve signed up. But it seems that yesterday the server didn’t send out the auto-responder. We will send out a manual e-mail with the link today (to all new subscriber who’ve signed up since yesterday).

  3. Maybe someone will be able to help me here. I purchased 3 tickets for the upcoming L.A. show. I have called your office a few times to try and switch the charge from my personal card to my company card as our owner would like to charge it directly to the company. I have been told that your machine does not do refunds, that its “kinda hard” to do a refund and that it states on the mailer that there are no refunds. However the mailer does not say that. Could you please help me refund and repurchase this transaction?

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