Omega Collectors Gather in Amsterdam for “Moonwatch Only” Book Launch

Omega Moonwatch CollectionIf you are into collecting Omega Speedmasters like I am, you need a good reference book. Even though there is a lot of really useful information that can be found online (for instance, in the Fratello Watches Speedy Tuesday section), the world of collecting Omega Speedmaster watches has up until recently lacked a good “standard” on the subject.

That changed with the release of “Moonwatch Only,” authored by two friends by the names of Anthony Marquié and Grégoire Rossier. This duo decided to do proper research into the Omega Speedmaster Professional (aka “Moonwatch”) and processed all sorts of information about these watches meticulously. Not only did they research the entire production of the earliest models to the current models (including all manner of limited editions), they also documented the various bracelets that were used on Speedmaster watches and even the boxes in which they were delivered. Their approach in the book borders on scientific and the result is the most complete book on the topic that’s available. A serious collector needs a good reference book in order to prevent him from making potentially expensive mistakes when buying an Omega Speedmaster, particularly a vintage model. “Moonwatch Only” offers proper guide lines on the numerous different cases, dials, hands, bezels, bracelets, crowns, crystals, movements etc. that have been used for the Speedmaster. Additionally, the authors included a flow chart that will enable readers to identify the correct reference number of a Speedmaster based on its aesthetics.

Last Tuesday, not coincidentally, Fratello Watches organized a collectors’ GTG (Get-Together) for Speedy Tuesday readers and fans in the Tourbillon boutique in Amsterdam. The Swatch Group, which owns Omega, also owns the Tourbillon boutique, where you will find all the group’s high-end brands for sale, including many Omegas.

Omega Moonwatch Only - books stacked

Omega Moonwatch Only launch - presentation

One of the authors of the book, Grégoire Rossier, was invited to talk about his book in front of a group of serious Speedmaster collectors and enthusiasts. After he finished his talk, the crowd fired in-depth questions at him about their favorite chronographs. Some of them were happy to finally get answers to certain questions while others were urged by Rossier to do some further research on their own into their watches. Many guests brought some interesting and impressive Omega Speedmasters of their own to the event, including some very rare, gold Speedmaster Professional watches from 1969 and some very early Speedmaster references. Of course, there was also a lot of love for the new Omega Speedmaster Professional models on display at the Tourbillon boutique, including some of the recent limited-edition models and the new Caliber 9300 lineup of Speedmasters. This special event, and others like the IBG events by WatchTime, are the perfect opportunity to meet with fellow watch enthusiasts and talk watches. Although WatchTime’s Facebook page and other online communities are perfect venues in which to discuss watches, nothing beats a real, in-person conversation with like-minded collectors to actually share information as well as have a look at real watches (instead of photos).

An in-depth review of the Moonwatch Only book can be found here (including the valid reasons why to spend that much money on a book). A photo report (+70 high-res photos) of the Speedy Tuesday GTG and the book presentation can be found here.

Comparing Omega Moonwatches
Omega Moonwatch Only launch - crowd
Omega Moonwatch - gold, on wrist
Omega Moonwatch on wrist
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