Chinese Manufacturer Sea-Gull Unveils Dual-Axis Tourbillon

seagull150Once again is the very first site to show something absolutely unexpected. Who thought that a Chinese manufacturer would be able to produce a dual-axis tourbillon called WingTourbillon?

This is what my friend Logan just wrote me in his email. Guys, this is thrilling!!

“Yesterday, Mr. Cao, the head of the R&D department of Sea-Gull, showed me their dual-axis tourbillon prototype. This new model is named WingTourbillon. But honestly, even I don’t know the meaning of this English name.

It is interesting that several years ago, Sea-Gull made some traditional tourbillon watches priced at 5000 CNY (about 800 CHF, amazingly low), but today they are starting to make dual-axis tourbillon.

In the presentation, Mr. Cao made it very clear that Sea-Gull was in the midst of a major shift in their product focus. In the past, Sea-Gull focused on matters such as achieving low price complications. In the future, Sea-Gull wants to be known for high-end watches, and he thinks this dual-axis tourbillon will be a good beginning.”

Click here for the full report and more images of the watch prototype.

Sea-Gull Wing Tourbillon
Sea-Gull Wing Tourbillon


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