Baselworld 2018:

Double Time: Sinn Introduces Two Vintage-Inspired Chronographs

One of the major reasons Sinn has become such a popular brand in the United States over the past two decades is due to its ability to consistently strike the hard-to-reach zone between producing reliable tool watches and aesthetically cool timepieces that can be worn every day. The accessible price point that Sinn is able to remain under also keeps them in the good graces of enthusiasts everywhere. This year, the German brand has released multiple new watches that should satisfy its rabid online fanbase. The spotlight, however, was on two chronographs; one limited, one not, that toe the line between form and function seamlessly.

The Sinn 103 Sa B E. Image courtesy of Sinn.

The Sinn 103 Sa B E is a traditional pilots’ chronograph that features an iridescent blue dial. The 41 mm stainless steel watch feels like a classic Sinn timepiece but something feels a bit different when compared to previous 103 iterations. The brand is no stranger to playing with different dial combinations and color schemes but the choice to use a sunburst sheen here is distinctly unlike the classic Sinn look which has traditionally leaned toward more utilitarian colors such as black, gray, and a more matte blue. It’s a bold move yet it works thanks to the richness of the color; rather than changing from light to dark blue, the color shifts between an almost-black and blue depending on the light, maintaining the subtle virility that is one of the brands calling cards. This dial color is contrasted by the deliciously-vintage, ivory-colored, and lume-coated indices, hands, and numerals.

On the wrist with the Sinn 103 Sa B E

The blue bezel is made of anodized aluminum. Another technical highlight is the high-quality crystal. The profile of the curved sapphire crystal glass is similar to traditional acrylic glass but actually is ground from a 5 mm solid blank with five different curvature radii, and then carefully polished. Sinn specially manufactured the grinding tools used for this process. The result not only preserves the classic look of the glass but also makes it highly resilient.

Inside the Sinn 103 Sa B E is a trustworthy Valjoux 7750 caliber. The watch also boasts low-pressure resistance for the people that will use the watch for its intended flight purpose and a water resistance rating of 200 m. It’s limited to 500 total pieces and you have your choice of either a leather strap ($2,590) or a solid bracelet ($2,760).

The Sinn 910 SRS Flyback Chronograph. Image courtesy of Sinn.

The other highlight chronograph from Sinn this year is the 910 SRS (Stop, Return, Start) Flyback Chronograph. This new 41.5 mm model is similar in design to the 910 Anniversary Edition that was released at Baselworld 2016. It has the same wraparound tachymeter scale that runs along the outer ring of the watch and a similar off-white dial color that is accented by the red seconds hand. However, the big change this time around is that this model features both a flyback chronograph and three counters instead of two (the Anniversary model only had a small seconds subdial and a 30-min counter).

On the wrist with the Sinn 910 SRS Flyback Chronograph.

Inside the watch is a Valjoux 7750 that has been modified to include a flyback module. While this is a handsome watch that is representative of Sinn’s technical abilities, one tiny quibble I have with the dial layout is the SRS typography underneath the date aperture. The spelling and kerning are much too modern for such a vintage-inspired watch and contrasts with the cursive Sinn logo to the left of the date window. Other than that small design annoyance, this is a very attractive watch at a solid price point. It’s also an unlimited release (the Anniversary model was limited to 300 pieces) so expect it to become increasingly popular across the horological blogosphere, the forums, and social media in the coming months.

The Sinn 910 SRS also comes with your choice of three different strap/bracelet options. It’s $3,960 for the leather and silicone strap options or $4,260 for the bracelet.



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