Baselworld 2015 For the Brave and Bold: 5 Off-the-Wall New Dive Watches

Zannetti_Scuba_Art_Piranha_Baselworld_2013_small_WatchTimeSome people believe all dive watches look basically the same. And while we at certainly don’t expect those people to fall in love with the selection we’re presenting this week — all spotted in the hallowed halls of this year’s Baselworld — we are confident that nobody will be able to say that the brands represented here didn’t at least try to be different.

So, following up on our personal top five selection from last week, below we showcase some of the new dive watches that were more, shall we say, “polarizing” than most:

Paul Picot’s C-Type dive watch family can already be considered quite unusual, particularly the square-cased “Carrée” versions. Now the company is offering models in new ceramic cases with a camouflage design.


Visconti’s Scuba Abyssus 500 is a less extreme version of the 3000-meter model it introduced last year. But you can still sport an extremely distinctive look by opting for the purple version.


If you are into “Scuba Art,” Zannetti definitely has the right watch for you. You can choose between hand-painted piranhas or octopuses if you don’t like the standard-dial versions.


Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger started to make watches, you could always expect to see something rather unusual at U-Boat’s booth. This year obviously was no exception, as evidenced by the timepiece below.



So, in short: if you are looking for something really different in a dive watch, chances are you’ll probably end up with a watch made by Italian brand. And if you didn’t see anything you like here, my guess is you’ll learn to appreciate a familiar, more traditional-looking dive watch even more.


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  1. Andrew Hughes

    Should I point out that it is April Fools Day? Seems fitting to show these, unfortunately, the manufacturers probably weren’t kidding. ha ha. I’ll take the one with the octopus. I wonder if it changes colors too?

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