Arnold Schwarzenegger Previews New Watch Brand at Baselworld 2015

The last time I met with actor/athlete/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, he was promoting his final collaborative watch project with Audemars Piguet. Arnold has been very busy since then, with one of his many projects being the launch of his own Schwarzenegger watch brand, which he and his team are previewing here at Baselworld 2015. I had the pleasure of sitting down with “the Governator” again and seeing his very distinctive timepieces. Here’s a glimpse.

The Schwarzenegger brand — which, according to the man himself, represents perhaps the purest, most no-compromises vision of his ideal type of watch — came about when Schwarzenegger connected with the Brazil-based Magnum Group, a manufacturer and distributor of watch brands in its native country. The Hollywood legend had been itching to create his own type of watches, without the necessary design restrictions of historical brands like AP, for quite some time, and Magnum — which also makes a line of watches inspired by the international soccer star Neymar — gave him more or less free rein. (The watches, Schwarzenegger is quick to point out, are made in Switzerland rather than in Magnum’s manufacturing facility in Brazil.)

The Schwarzenegger collection — which their namesake says is intended to be a “more affordable” alternative for watch lovers who adore large, luxurious-looking sport watches but can’t necessarily spring for an AP Royal Oak or Panerai — comprises more than 100 references in three distinct collections, each representing one facet of Schwarzenegger’s eclectic career. The Schwarzenegger Legend Collection calls to mind his early days in bodybuilding, with designs inspired by weight room equipment, including models with barbell-shaped cases and straps reminiscent of weight belts. The Schwarzenegger Hero Collection includes various watches that cleverly reference his most iconic movie roles, such as the Terminator and “Dutch” Shaeffer in Predator; and The Schwarzenegger Heritage Collection (the only collection equipped with mechanical Sellita movements; the rest are Swiss quartz) is intended to reflect a slightly dressier, more refined “leadership” look representing Schwarzenegger’s tenure as governor of California. Most of the Schwarzenegger watches are, as you’d expect, decidedly large and robust — 52 mm diameters are the norm — and the average price point, according to Magnum, is around $1,000. As this appearance at Baselworld is a preview rather than a full-blown launch, some details of some watches may still change. The watches are expected to be released to the market this fall. Scroll down to see some photos taken during my interview and brand presentation (as yet, there are no official product photos), and keep checking out for my full interview with Schwarzenegger, in which he traces the creation of his watch brand in his own words.

Schwarzenegger Legend Iron - wrist
The Schwarzenegger Legend Iron has dials and cases that resemble weight-room barbells.
Schwarzengger Hero GT38 - wrist
The red window in the GT38 may remind some of Arnold’s iconic cyborg in the Terminator films.
Schwarzenegger Hero Hunter - wrist
This reference of the Hero Hunter family, with its camouflage color scheme, brings to mind the alien in Predator.
Schwazenegger Hero Commander - wrist
The Hero Commander, inspired by Schwarzenegger’s many military roles, uses a grenade pin as a crown-lock device.
Schwarzengger Watches Collection
Go big or go home: the Schwarzenegger Watches Collection includes more than 100 references.
Schwarzengger and Bernardo - Basel
Above and below: yours truly talking timepieces with Schwarzenegger post-interview at Baselworld.
Schwarzenegger and Bernardo - Basel



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  1. Guy Wroblewski

    Love the Arnold Schwarzenegger watches, but are there any Arnold Schwarzenegger brand (AS Logo)of watches that the average person can afford?

  2. Bob W

    If they were smaller they would be cool style pieces. I bought a couple 50mm Invictas because they looked cool and I wanted to try them out. I can’t pull off anywhere near 50mm. The styles are neat just way to big for my wrist but I see what he’s going for.

  3. Sam Harris

    Didn’t Arnold have a relationship with AP? Oh how the mighty have fallen..

  4. As a novice with better watches, I can only say “Whore riff ich”. These are pretty gruesome to look at. Arnie needs to stick to movies (ugh) and politics. However, good luck

  5. daPhantom1

    Don’t like to be a fly in de ointment or rain on de parade, but some of them look just ghastly.

    I use to think that Zenith had lost the plot in their ‘Defy’ range but some of them could NOW be considered attractive in comparison.

    I hope, only for his sake, that it does not become the ASol brand. Because, quite honestly, if someone was looking for designs to fit such a collection they may not need to look much further.

  6. Stephen


    Please can you ask the makers of the AS brand if our distribution company can look at the agency and distribution rights in South Africa as it fits in with our strategy.

  7. srhardy

    As much as i LOVE arnie, these look like shite, probably cost the bomb & are proof that fools & money seldom walk side by side for long. The selfish look at me gen love the bugs eye sunnie’s and watches that save you a trip to the gym, as you collect secret backhanders for getting the poor sheep to fork out for GENUINE crap.

    such is life, then they hung him ~ ned kelly

  8. Who in their right mind would want a cheesy watch with Arnold’s initials written boldy on them?

    • These watches will be popular with high mountain gorillas, but i do admire AS for
      living his dream, he is a watch freak like the rest of us.

  9. Really like the big diameter watches of Arnold’s… please post his website, selections, and order info. Thanks. BR

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