24 Watches for the Budget-Minded

Seiko “Black Monster” SRP307Affordable watches and budget-friendly timepieces are among the most popular products when it comes to starting or expanding a watch collection. With this experts’ list of practical buying guides we’re offering some suggestions for watches that won’t break the bank. Follow the links below for 24 affordable watches you can (and should) buy in the near future.

In Fratello Friday: My Top 5 Watches Under $1,000, blogger Robert-Jan Broer of FratelloWatches.com shares his top five watches priced under $1,000, including the Seiko “Black Monster” SRP307. Robert-Jan’s posts on watchtime.com always have numerous fans and it is no wonder that his Top 5 watches under $1,000 are surely going to become a useful selection for many budget-conscious aficionados.

Seiko “Black Monster” SRP307
Seiko “Black Monster” SRP307; approx. $250

“Watch Insider” Alexander Linz looks at 10 different brands offering affordable watches in Watch Insider’s Top 10 Affordable Watches and Top Watch Brands. Among the brands he mentions is Tudor, the more affordable sister brand of Rolex, which made its return to the U.S. in 2013.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue
Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue; $4,425

In Mechanical Watches Under $2,000, we look at affordable watches with mechanical movements recently introduced at the major watch fairs, such as the Ball Trainmaster Roman. You’ll probably find many choices for a perfect “entry-level” watch for a new collector in this post.

Ball Trainmaster Roman
Ball Trainmaster Roman; $1,799

In Basel Bargain Hunting: 7 New Watches Under $5,000, we dig through the multitude of new watches unveiled at Baselworld 2013 to find the most affordable watches (the affordable threshold here being under $5,000), including the Alpina Sailing YachtTimer Countdown.

Alpina Sailing Yachttimer Countdown
Alpina Sailing Yachttimer Countdown; approx. $4129.97
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  1. Bert Kanne

    The idea of affordability in timepieces really needs to be addressed in these articles. Nothing over $1000 should be considered affordable. It becomes a luxury purchase at that point.

  2. Jason,
    Great column and great suggestions. I was happy to see you included a Seiko in your column. I currently wear a new Seiko Ananta Automatic Double Retrograde that I picked up for $1,600.00 plus tax from my local jeweler and Seiko AD. It’s a great watch. I’m sure if it had an Omega or Rolex logo on it, the price would have been thousands more !! :) Merry Christmas to you and all readers of this column !!! :)

  3. CometHunter

    I would love to know how any working-class guy can consider a price tag of over $4,000 to be budget-minded. I wouldn’t even have a BAll Fireman II if I had not been able to get it second-hand!

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