Sponsored: HODINKEE Insurance — A Refreshing Alternative To Traditional Watch Insurance

HODINKEE Insurance is a dynamic solution for those seeking comprehensive coverage without the pain points usually associated with traditional insurance. In just a few steps, you can easily and securely insure your valued timepieces, allowing you to enjoy them more and worry about them less – either through the HODINKEE app or from your desktop. If you are curious about the service but haven’t checked in for a quote, the team at HODINKEE Insurance has rounded up answers to some of its most popular inquiries.

Shipping your watch?

As long as your watch is listed on your policy, it is covered during transit worldwide. 

Walked out the door this morning to find your watch missing in the afternoon?

Don’t worry, you’re covered.

What happens in the case of a loss?

A cash payment will be issued to you, the customer.

What if my spouse wears watches from my collection?

Any watch listed under your policy is automatically covered.

What does market value protection do?

It ensures your watches’ replacement value is covered up to 150% of your listed price, as well as against any depreciation.

Are high-value watches more complicated to insure?

While HODINKEE Insurance does require appraisals for watches over $100,000 in value, its in-house modern & vintage watch specialists are happy to help provide an estimate.

HODINKEE Insurance is available now and is open to anyone with a United States address. And if you have any additional questions, there are dedicated HODINKEE team members standing by to help you Monday through Friday. This is insurance by watch lovers, for watch lovers.

You can get your quote today at HODINKEE Insurance.

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  1. Clark Comer

    When will this policy make its way to the UK / Europe? Thx

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