Sponsored: CODE41 Changes the Perspective with the Mecascape

CODE41 is one of few brands consistently able to change your perspective on the world of watchmaking. From its democratizing efforts with its NB24 or X41 projects, which brought avant-garde horological creativity to an accessible price point, to its collaborative work with its fans in designing each of its projects, the brand is in a category all its own in its unique approach to watches. This month, the brand’s latest effort continues its growing renown, with CODE41 debutting its latest in the new Mecascape, a rectangular timekeeper that is redefining the modern notion of horological design. 

Though much of modern watchmaking has shifted away from the pocket watch concept, the Mecascape re-approaches the category with a fresh and intuitive perspective. Whereas mobility and size are notable concerns in traditional pocket watch styles, CODE41’s creation addresses these issues with a rectangular style and sleek silhouette. By its design, the timekeeper that can be quickly slipped into a pocket, a purse, or placed on a desk as a static clock, seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle in an unexpected and creative fashion.

Creating the Mecascape, like all other CODE41 projects, has been a multi-step process with plenty of opportunities to reevaluate and adapt. One of the greatest challenges for the team was manufacturing the case, as its size and shape are unusual, even for seasoned experts. For the case, CODE41 partnered with case production specialist Iseotec, whose extensive experience in the realm led the project to create a grade 5 titanium shell that resists warping and agitation. All elements of the case are finished completely by hand with extensive attention to detail.

The dimensions of the case pushes the boundaries of the industry norm, offering a new means of expression in the form of a mobile timepiece. The lightweight and hard-wearing case is just a bit larger than a credit card with dimensions of 108 x 71mm. By referencing the golden ratio, the length, width, and thickness of the Mecascape have been perfectly considered so as to offer optimal reading comfort. 

What is the golden ratio?

The golden ratio (represented by the Greek letter Phi “Φ”, and equivalent to around 1.61803) is the result of a harmonious and perfectly balanced proportion (known as the “divine proportion”!). Present in nature, in art (“the Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci makes perfect use of the proportions), and even in architecture, it is used to define the beauty and esthetic of a shape.

On its rectangular dial, itself also following principals of the golden ratio, a skeletonized aesthetic is at work. Available in three colors including a black bridges with white dial option, a blue bridges with white dials variation, and a gray bridges with black dials edition, the display showcases local minutes, hours, and seconds on its left hand side via three overlapping sub-dials, while on its right side a travel time overlayed on a sapphire globe and a power reserve indicator add to the Mecascape’s functionality. This configuration allows the various components of the dial to aesthetically “breathe,” adding further intrigue to the avant-garde design.

Powering the unique timepiece is the original Mecascape caliber. Specially produced for the panel-shaped pocket watch, the skeletonized movement is hand-wound via the timepiece’s large knurled crowns, with it featuring an eight-day power reserve, its remaining energy visible on the dial-side reserve indicator. Integrated thoughtfully with the dial via its open-work aesthetic, the caliber is as wonderfully finished, with the meticulous detailing via a round sapphire exhibition on the timepiece’s case back.

The new CODE41 Mecascape will retail for $9,950 USD and is available for preorder now via the brand’s website, where you can also learn more about how to participate in future CODE41 projects. 

To learn more and to purchase, visit CODE41, here.

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