Sponsored: Bulova Launches Bold at Heart Campaign in Celebration of its “History of Firsts”

With a history spanning more than 146 uninterrupted years, New York City-based Bulova has built its watchmaking legacy on its renowned “History of Firsts.” This fall, the brand once again reflects upon its nearly century-and-a- half-long role as a boundary pusher, soulfully refocusing on its historic renown among consumers for integrity, ingenuity, and innovation in its watches, and summarizing its key findings from these efforts in a fresh thought: that in order to be first, you have to be bold.

The result of this work is a new chapter for Bulova as envisioned in its new Bold at Heart campaign — a novel initiative highlighting watches, moments, and musical artists which epitomize, according to Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America, the same “radical authenticity, ingenuity and a constant curiosity to pave the way for the future,” which has been essential to the brand since its founding by immigrant visionary Joseph Bulova in 1875.

Much more than any single timepiece, being Bold at Heart is an attitude and state of mind that builds on that original essence of individuality and expresses it in a new way. It’s knowing where you come from, but also to have the courage to take a bold new step forward. It’s looking ahead to forge opportunities and create the new. It’s about following your passion, no matter what and in spite of the risks. Bulova and its watches embody this ethos— providing a sense of empowerment in their distinct wear, inspiring a legend of boldness, lasting creative impact, and potent moments of self-actualization.

As part of the Bold at Heart campaign, Bulova timepieces — imbued with technical innovation, craftsmanship and their founder’s bold spirit — will bear witness to the cultivation of talent and bold self-expression of individuals, such as in musical artists courageously charting their own course in the ever-changing industry. These watches include some of the brand’s most popular and significant watches of today, including the CURV, Precisionist, Rubaiyat, Classic, Gemini, and others, each timepiece symbolizing the richness of a treasured relationship, time spent mastering craft, and a cross-generational love of music.

Like Bulova watches, music speaks to our feelings, transcending time and generations once created, and all the while requiring daring creativity to inspire and be inspired. This credo runs through the many musical initiatives and partnerships that Bulova has cultivated over the years, including in its role as the Official Timepiece Partner of the Recording Academy and Latin Recording Academy, where the brand honors all first-time GRAMMY winners, as well as “Best New Artist” nominees for the Latin GRAMMYs for the tenacious work and bold choices that have earned them these prestigious awards.

The Bold at Heart philosophy is also displayed in Bulova’s historic partnership with the late American entertainment and cultural icon, Frank Sinatra, the epitome of “bold.” It’s why each watch within Bulova’s Sinatra namesake collection bears the name of one of the artist’s songs, and further why the brand supports the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and its students, who have made a bold decision in pursuing their dreams of an arts education.

The Bold at Heart campaign is live now, with Bulova set to focus on the effort as a key and important effort moving into the new year. To explore the collection, visit here.

To learn more about Bulova’s heritage of integrity, ingenuity, and innovation which informs the Bold at Heart campaign, visit the digital Bulova Museum, here.

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  1. I like the concept of this campaign. Fits with the brand. Unfortunately, a lot of the designs are not coming close to the aspirations. This brand has so much potential, this advertising concept is perfectly on-brand. Now, get your designers to understand for whom they’re working. Loose 90% of current designs as they are awkward, ostentatious and … cheap. Create a sub-brand for this and re-develop Bulova into the brand that it is according to this commercial. I’m a great fan of the Bulova brand and it’s heritage. Now how come I only like two or three of their current products? Because 90% of their current designs are cheap and tacky. They might sell to a certain “inclusive” demographic, but that’s eating into the heritage.

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