Introducing North Sea II — E.C.Andersson’s Most Advanced Watch Yet

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - pair

It’s been a while since E.C. Andersson Watch Company launched its first generation North Sea and much has happened with the company as a whole, and the North Sea watch in particular. Today, we take a look at the second-generation, newly in-stock version of the North Sea, with the calendar wheel exposed in the center of the pillow-cased sports watch.

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - soldier

A lot of research went into the North Sea II in order to achieve a high level of accuracy for the movement as well as new, shock-absorbing properties. Among the new features is a thicker, AR-Coated double-dome sapphire crystal to enhance durability substantially and make the dial pop like never before. The crown has grown by a millimeter in diameter and has been equipped with a sturdy, solid-steel screw-down lock mechanism. This move not only ensures great pressure resistance, but adds a new level of tactile quality when handling the watch’s settings.

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - side

As E.C.Andersson Watch Company’s design philosophy emphasizes versatility and suitability to any environment, long-lasting illumination was critical. That led the designers to apply thicker layers of bright lume on both indices and each hand. They also added a fine bevel to smooth out the edges of the calendar wheel, enhancing the overall harmony of the dial.

Perhaps the most important work was put into the movement. “We wanted to keep the price tag at the same level as the standard North Sea, but [also] provide a reliable high-end timekeeper,” E.C.Andersson’s founder explains. “That led us to modify the beloved Cal.NH05 movement to a new standard.”

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - movement

The E.C.Andersson team disassembled the watches and regulated all the movements by hand, reaching an accuracy that was beyond ambitions, comparable to those from far more expensive brands. The material used in the hands was replaced by lighter metals, making the hands move more smoothly and making them more impervious to shocks. The tubes of the central stem were tightened to ensure high tension and rapid communication between movement and hands. Finally, the frame was replaced by a solid metal movement-holder and sturdier dial clamps. The North Sea II, like its predecessor, is being sold in limited numbers here.

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - sails

E.C. Andersson North Sea II: Horological Heritage, Scandinavian Design

Made to match both the harsh climate out at sea and the more formal, social environment once docked in the harbor, and inspired by the pillow-cased watches of the early 1900s, the North Sea II is a watch that pays tribute to the heritage of horology, merged with a progressive Scandinavian design language.

The North Sea is made to be highly visible in all conditions thanks to sharp, illuminated indices, a distinctive minute track and a unique, expressive white calendar wheel that provides contrast with the matte black dial. The sturdy Caliber NH05 automatic mechanical movement, which will beat reliably for decades without service, is equipped with an impressive 50-hour power reserve.

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - wrist

E.C.Andersson’s strong belief is that the case’s 40-mm diameter is the golden measurement: it simply looks great on any wrist size and will stand the fluctuating trends thru the ages — which means that your North Sea can be passed on for generations.

E.C. Andersson North Sea II - bracelet

The North Sea II watch is made in a limited edition of 250 pieces, all individually numbered. The North Sea II Black Edition is made in only 50 pieces. They come with either an Italian rubber strap, a stainless steel mesh bracelet, or a black croc-grained leather strap.

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  1. Brian Rose

    Looks amazing. Shame they only made so few. Will probably be sold out before I can grab hold of one, judging from my luck.

  2. Daniel Klein

    ECA. Rectangular ⌚️. What is cost and bands available

  3. I really like the look! Very good style and reasonably priced. I prefer a quartz watch due to greater accuracy, but these watches look great.

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