The Last Jedi: A Second Look at the Star Wars by Devon Works Limited Edition Watch

In the esoteric world of watchmaking, Devon Works watches represent a very small segment within an already niche area of the watch-collector market. Why? Its unique timepieces are not powered by a quartz or mechanical movement; instead, they are powered by electronic motors that receive energy from a rechargeable battery, similar to how a smartwatch works, but not identical.

Star Wars Devon Watch

This watch was originally released in anticipation of 2015’s The Force Awakens, but it’s still available from Devon Works and from various second-hand watch dealers. Like other timepieces in Devon Work’s catalog, the watch is large-sized, with high-tech styling, and is animated by the same type of electronically powered movement.

Imperial Crest motif on crown, Darth Vader’s helmet-inspired design to left and right of the crown

At 66.3-mm length by 22.1-mm thickness by 61.2-mm width, the 316L stainless steel case – which has been aptly treated with a true black DLC coating —makes its presence known. Instead of a sapphire crystal, the watch has a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with so-called “bulletproof” durability.

The presentation stand features TIE Fighter wings

The movement features four interwoven 2-micron thin nylon time belts, driven by four micro-step motors that are controlled by a temperature-compensated crystal and onboard microprocessor.

This unique system moves the four intersecting belts across the dial to display hours, minutes and seconds – with accuracy to half a second per day. And while the watch is not as accurate as most quartz watches, it is as accurate, if not more accurate, than the most precise mechanical timepieces.

Powering this high-tech timekeeper is a lithium-polymer rechargeable cell that is rated for two weeks on one charge, and is recharged wirelessly through an inductive charging tower.

The movement has multiple optical recognition cells and lubricant-free ruby bearings, along with 313 electrical contacts for a total of 350 components.

The engraved, numbered caseback of the Star Wars Devon watch
The engraved, numbered case back of the Star Wars Devon watch

Each piece is numbered 1-500, which is engraved on the case back along with the Star Wars motif.

In designing the Star Wars Devon timepiece, Scott Devon says, “We knew immediately that we had to incorporate Darth Vader into the design. He is not just one of the most iconic Star Wars characters, but he also represents an impressive display of man interfacing with machine.” Devon adds that he worked with his in-house designer, Marko Petrovic to develop the watch. “Marko had already seen the Star Wars movies a hundred times before I even brought the concept of the watch to him. He had the design done within in a week.”

TIE Fighter wings on the left and right case flanks

This is an officially licensed Star Wars product, so naturally, the design takes elements from the films. The wings of a TIE Fighter, one of the starships for the Imperial fleet, have been designed as part of the architecture of the case and also included as part of the display stand.  The main screws that connect the case and lugs are reinterpreted as aircraft turbine intakes, finished with pointed silver screws that emulate the ones on Darth Vader’s helmet. Additionally, the crown is finished with the Galactic Empire logo.

Small details such as the belt system pay homage to Star Wars and have been created in red and green to reflect the details on Darth Vader’s center console. A central hexagonal disk with TIE Fighter inscriptions further adds to the theme. No detail was left out: even the strap is specially made in a ribbed leather that replicates Darth Vader’s gloves.


“Being a huge fan of Star Wars, it was not so hard for me to put my mind into it and come up with a watch that captures the movies’ essence,” says Petrovic. “It was a real treat to watch all the episodes again, but this time from a different perspective. Blending of the emblems of Star Wars with Devon to create an iconic watch just flowed naturally.”

Star Wars cufflinks are included with each watch

Only 500 Star Wars by Devon Works watches will be built over a two-year time period. A pair of TIE Fighter-shaped cuff links are included with each purchase. The watch is presented in a specially built box inspired by a TIE Fighter and will sell through authorized Devon retailers in America and on Amazon beginning in October for $28,500.

The Last Jedi, is in theaters now.

For a hands-on review of a previous Devon watch, the Devon Tread 2, click here.

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  1. Elijah Mark

    I’m very interested in purchases this price, as a big Star Wars fan nothing else will pass my mind till I get myself one of these!

  2. Richard Cook

    I am interested in purchasing the Devon Stars Wars Limited Edition of 500 watch. Please provide price and availability.

  3. As a huge Star Wars fan, this watch may very well be the greatest ode to the franchise in a timepiece I’ve ever seen. Would love to see other renditions of the X-Wing and Luke Skywalker or the Millenium Falcon and Han Solo… the price of a car makes this about as much of a fantasy for me though as the franchise itself. Drift House has a Boba Fett Diplomatic by Nixon at about a fraction of the price and I’ve been saving up for that. This Devon would probably push my timeline back about another 10 years.

  4. Colin Agar-Rea

    Not a big Star Wars fan but I,m loving that Devon…I’m still trying to get my hands on a Tread 1 Steampunk but they are like Rocking Horse poo and Tread 2,s are a bit mundane in appearance for the price.

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