Showing at WatchTime New York 2019: Kerbedanz Maximus

Returning to WatchTime New York this year is the Swiss haute horologist Kerbedanz. For 2019, the Neuchâtel-based brand will be presenting one of its most famous timepieces: the Maximus. The Maximus was first introduced in 2017 with the tagline, “There is no greater than Maximus,” and it backed up that statement by claiming the largest tourbillon movement inside any wristwatch. And it’s true — with a cage diameter of 27 mm, the Maximus’ tourbillon is indeed immense. Further complemented by its large caseback with gold features, the Maximus undoubtedly stands out in a crowd.

 Kerbedanz Maximus - RG - angle

The Maximus is limited to 99 editions, and is produced with either a titanium, gold, or platinum case at a diameter of 49 mm. The case is stylistically modern, with a partially fluted side, and a large crown toward the 2 o’clock position. Underneath the sapphire domed crystal protecting the face, you’ll find large, applied gold hour markers outlining the complex and mutlilayered dial. Indicating the time are two uniquely shaped hands for the hour and minute, both centrally moved by the giant, flying tourbillon movement. Towards the top of the watch, the logo loudly proclaims “Maximus.”

Kerbedanz Maximus - RG - side

The in-house developed Caliber KRB-08 movement of the piece is clearly its highlight, and in creating the massive mechanism Kerbedanz had to reimagine and redevelop the entire construction of a tourbillon. This was partly accomplished by using titanium for the tourbillon cage, which is a significantly lighter material than steel and allows the tourbillon to efficiently complete its rotation despite its daunting size. In comparison to traditional tourbillons, which complete a rotation in typically one minute, the Maximus completes its rotation in a unique six minutes. The movement also uses a uniquely-developed balance spring, a rack assembly with a fine-tuning screw, and a specially crafted balance wheel, each enlarged and adjusted to tame the Maximus tourbillon.

Kerbedanz Maximus - back

The mechanism is manually powered through a turning mechanism on the caseback, with the energy generated being stored in four parallel barrels built around a central wheel mounted on a ball bearing, this energy provides the necessary torque for driving the tourbillon. The movement itself, along with all its technological prowess, is well-finished with polished chamfering, circular patterns on the wheels, and mirror-polished screws.

Kerbedanz Maximus - front

The Kerbedanz Maximus is an impressive model, and one that surely shouldn’t be missed at WatchTime New York, coming up in less than a week on October 25-26 at Manhattan’s Gotham Hall. Order your tickets today!

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  1. Patrick Freel

    You review many fantastic watches but you rarely rate the watch’s accuracy. A good looking watch with poor time keeping is useless, in my opinion.

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