Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver’s Watch and Sportura Alarm Chronograph

Ananta Automatic Diver Chronograph

Among Seiko’s new launches at Baselworld were the Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver’s Watch and the Sportura Alarm Chronograph. Priced thousands of dollars apart, these two models represent the range of Seiko’s achievements. One offers a manufacture automatic movement, hand-polished case and hand-painted lacquer dial, and the other quartz precision and functionality in a handsome package. Find prices and wallpaper inside.

The Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver’s watch is one of the leading models in Seiko’s 130th Anniversary Commemorative Collection, offered as a limited edition of 700 pieces. It will be released in the autumn on a worldwide basis.

Seiko created its first diving watch in 1965. Since then, the brand has been at the forefront of diving watch technology. The world’s first titanium diving watch came in 1975, and the world’s first computerized diving watch followed in 1990. The new Ananta Chronograph Diver’s Watch is powered by caliber 8R39, which is designed for diving. The balance spring is Seiko’s proprietary SPRON610 alloy with upgraded shock-resistance and antimagnetism. To ensure that the watch is as resistant as possible to shock, it is fixed to the case with three clamps, one more than is used in other chronographs.

To ensure that the dive time is as readable as possible even in dark waters, Seiko commissioned Isshu Tamura, a world-renowned lacquer artist, to create a dial that is truly jet black. Each dial is painted, layer by layer, and then polished by hand by Mr. Tamura in his studio in Kanazawa on the western shores of the Japanese mainland. Isshu Tamura is a master of “Kaga Makie” which is a traditional style of lacquer. The legibility is further enhanced by the use of a non-reflective coating on the sapphire glass.

Ananta is a relatively new collection, but its roots lie deep in Japan’s culture and history. Seiko says that Ananta represents the dedication to perfection to which Japanese culture has always aspired and to which Seiko has always been committed. The design of Ananta is inspired by Katana, the ancient Japanese art of sword making. The katana sword was first developed more than 800 years ago and symbolizes the high value that Japanese culture puts upon traditional skills and innovative manufacture, and is therefore the perfect inspiration for Ananta.

Of the 700 pieces available worldwide, approximately 35 will come to the U.S. market, and they will be priced at $4700. Specifications appear below the image, which may be enlarged with a click.

Ananta Automatic Chronograph Diver
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