Reborn Halda Watch Co. to Send Timepiece Into Space

Halda Space Discovery

Swedish manufacturer Halda Watch Co. has announced that ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang will wear a new watch called the Halda Space Discovery during a trip aboard the shuttle Discovery, currently scheduled to launch on August 28. The watch was developed with Fuglesang to meet an astronaut’s requirements, and the trip into space is part of the development process. The watch – to be produced in a limited edition of 128 pieces – will go on sale in December.

The Halda Space Discovery consists of a “time platform” with two replaceable time modules: an advanced electronic module, and a module with a high beat mechanical movement modernized by renowned watchmaker Svend Andersen. The electronic time module provides functions such as a 3‐axis accelerometer, a particle counter, UTC/MET alarms, and an Earth Timer. The electronic time module case is made of Tecamax, a new material certified by NASA and known for its light weight, high strength, and resistance to acids and chemicals. Tecamax has not been used in a watch before.

The mechanical time module uses a New Old Stock (NOS) movement. The H1920‐SA is a modern development of the fast-beat movement first developed during the 1960s and 1970s. For the Halda Space Discovery, renowned watchmaker Svend Andersen has modified, rhodium plated, calibrated and adjusted the classical movement to modern standard. The H1920‐SA operates at 5 HZ, or 36,000 bph. The movement has 25 jewels and a power reserve of about 43 hrs.

Halda Watch Co. was founded in 1887 by Swedish watchmaker Henning Hammarlund. It quickly became a success. The watches won international awards and were used by king Oscar II. This year, Halda Watch Co. is being brought back to life by watch entrepreneur and engineer Mikael Sandström, whose name you may recognize from the Sjöö Sandström brand that he co-founded in in 1986. Sandström is not just the CEO – he put his engineering skills to work developing the Halda Space Discovery with Christer Fuglesang (pictured below).

Halda Space Discovery
Halda Space Discovery
Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang
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