MB&F Takes the 10-Year Leap With the HM3 Frog X

Audacious designs, transformative micro-mechanics and untrammelled imagination – these are guiding principles of the Maximilian Büsser & Friends collective (MB&F). Keeping this aesthetic in mind, MB&F created and launched the widely popular Horological Machines — starting with the Horological Machines No. 1 and No. 2 which set the pathway to creative expression to the release of the HM1, HM2 and, finally, the HM3. All of these found a place in our heart and have been ruling our wrists ever since.

MB&F’s HM3 FrogX comes in three limited editions of 10 pieces each.

Keeping this tradition alive, 10 years ago MB&F released the HM3 Frog – a timepiece that highlighted the brand’s versatility with the presence of two globular “eyes” that rotated to showcase the hours and minutes. Offering a mighty presence on the wrist, the 2010 MB&F HM3 Frog was a marvel in its own right. Honoring this particular timepiece and celebrating its 10th anniversary is the 2020 Horological Machine No. 3 FrogX. This is the first time that the HM3 engine is showcased in all its glory. The watch features two paper-thin domes that indicate the hours and minutes, which rotate under markers to give the impression of a frog’s pupils.

The hours and minutes are displayed on two frog-like domed “eyes.”
The oddly placed crown winds the movement and sets the time.

For the purpose of winding and setting via the crown, you are likely expecting to see MB&F’s usual battle-axe insignia, but you are in for a surprise. The new HM3 FrogX features a hidden call sign that can be seen with just the right angle and reflection of light. How? This has been created by sculpting the metal crown at microscopic levels to allow it to reflect light in highly specific ways. This is the key to unlocking the MB&F battle-axe.

The Turquoise model is mounted on a white leather strap.
The movement is based on a Girard-Perregaux base caliber.

The HM3 FrogX 10th anniversary limited editions are available in three versions of 10 pieces each, with blue, purple or turquoise rotors and matching colors for their Super-LumiNova details and case gaskets.

The Purple model (above) features purple Super-LumiNova on the humerals (below).
Manufacturer:MB&F, Geneva, Switzerland
Reference number:HM3 FrogX
Functions:Hours and minutes on rotating domes, “Secret Message” crown
Movement:Three-dimensional “horological engine” created by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, Girard-Perregaux base; automatic winding via battle-axe rotor in 22k gold and titanium with colored CVD coating; 28,800-vph frequency, 277 components, 36 jewels, hours and minutes transferred to domes via ceramic ball bearings
Case:Sapphire crystal case, 59 components, gaskets in blue, purple, or turquoise to match rotor, water-resistant to 30 meters
Bracelet and cla­­sp:Hand-stitched alligator strap with titanium folding buckle
Dimensions:Diameter = 48.3 mm x 52.7 mm; height = 17.5 mm

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  1. Leehu Zysberg

    Yeah it is impressive, but if I cannot easily tell the time with it – I am not sure it really is a watch…

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