Luminox Supports 30-Mile Dive To Highlight Endangered Sharks; Launches Limited Edition Watches

Scott Cassell On September 17, undersea explorer and combat diver Scott Cassell completed a 30-mile dive from Catalina Island to San Pedro, California. Scott’s goals: to call attention to endangered shark species that are approaching the edge of extinction, and to set a world distance record for the longest uninterrupted dive. Find specs and prices for the new watches inside. The dive took place in the Catalina Channel where Cassell has been diving for years. According to Cassell, less than 20 years ago this area would have produced between 40 and 100 shark sightings in a single dive. On Saturday however, he encountered literally no sharks during his 11 hours underwater, despite using shark attractors during the entire dive. That result confirmed the tremendous decrease in the local shark population. Cassell was forced to give up his world record dreams when an equipment malfunction caused him to black out underwater, forcing him to the surface at the 5 hour mark. Though the record was lost, Cassell battled through hypothermia and dehydration to complete the 30-mile dive. “There are species of sharks that are on the edge of extinction and we need to do something about this before it’s too late,” said Scott. “Sharks are not the villains depicted in films. They are highly intelligent, emotional, and a critical component to our ecosystem and marine world. If we continue to allow sharks to be viciously hunted and used for things like shark fin soup, there is no chance that we can save this vital population which has been in our oceans for more than 5 million years….” Luminox sponsors Scott and supports his work to save our oceans and sharks. To commemorate Scott’s 30-mile dive and provide support for his work in the future, Luminox is launching the limited edition Scott Cassell dive series, with a portion of the proceeds going toward Cassell’s organizations and future missions. “I’ve never encountered someone like Scott. His undying love for the ocean and sharks and self-sacrificing tactics, all to raise public awareness, is something I find to be a true inspiration. Scott put his life on the line this weekend not for any personal gain or attention, but to help save the animal he loves. Luminox has made a commitment to Scott to get his message out to the world and we will not stop until his voice is heard and this issue is brought to light,” said Andre Bernheim, Luminox co-CEO. “Today we are so proud to announce the limited edition Scott Cassell Luminox dive series and our continuing aid for Scott’s mission.” The Scott Cassell special models bear reference numbers 1525 and 3954, and can be viewed on and will be available at official retailers worldwide as of October 2011. Complete technical information for both models appears below. For more information on Scott Cassell and 30-Mile dive, visit and Scott Cassell Model 1525 (below) is priced at $2,000. Luminox Scott Cassell model 1525 Model 3954 is priced at $350. Luminox Scott Cassell model 3954 Luminox Scott Cassell technical info
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