La Ligne Bleue by Jaquet Droz


Jaquet Droz announces a series of five timepieces, each produced in a limited edition of eight pieces. These unique watches share beautiful dials created using the Grand Feu enameling technique to obtain a color of unique depth and luminosity: Jaquet Droz blue. Whereas ivory or black enamel needs 10 to 15 firings, blue requires no fewer than 20. Before each one, the dial surface is dusted with a layer of powder no more than a millimeter thick. This superposition of layers give the blue its special radiance and distinctive hue.

Though each dial requires significant time and skill to create, less than one dial in ten passes inspection and goes on to adorn one of the five models of La Ligne Bleue: the Grande Seconde, the Grande Seconde Medium, the Grande Date, the Quantième Perpétuel and L’Origine Email.


Suggested retail prices:

Grande Seconde: $22,000.00
Grande Seconde Medium: $22,000.00
Grande Date: $25,00.00
Quantieme Perpetuel: $53,000.00
L’Oringine: $10,000.00

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