Showing at WatchTime Live 2020: MB&F Horological Machine HM10 “Bulldog”

Earlier this year, the horological mad scientists at MB&F unveiled their latest creation in the critically acclaimed Horological Machine series. The new watch, dubbed the Horological Machine 10 “Bulldog,” takes its inspiration from its namesake canine, offering a stout stance on the wrist and featuring many novel design elements fans of the brand have come to love. Now the “Bulldog” is coming to WatchTime Live, with the brand set to showcase the watch as part of the virtual event.

The HM10 is available in a 54-mm x 45-mm case in either full titanium or a rose-gold/titanium combo. The watch’s overall look bears resemblance to a bulldog, though to this writer it brings to mind more a luxury car key come to life, or possibly even a supercar itself. Either way, it’s very interesting visually. At 24 mm in thickness, with sapphire domes on both the top and bottom of the watch, the HM10 isn’t exactly a daily wearer; like most models in the Horological Machine series, it is something akin to a wearable sculpture rather than a central piece in a collection.

Moving beneath the top sapphire dome of the watch, we find its fascinating, three-dimensional gray dial. Most prominently we see the two domed aluminum hour and minute indicators, with the rose-gold model featuring black colors and the all-titanium models opting for blue accents. Together these indicators are meant to act as the eyes of the Bulldog, but practically they serve as the primary time-tellers for the wearer.

Toward the top of the dial we find a grille, partially exposing the inner mechanics of the watch and adding to the more masculine qualities of a the Bulldog design, while near the bottom we find the HM10’s escapement in full view. Hanging over each of these features is the flying 14-mm balance wheel floating via two arched bridges, representing the Bulldog’s mechanical “brain.” The flying balance wheel adds to the overall impression of the watch as a technical marvel, and places the new HM10 firmly within MB&F’s unique school of design.

On the underside of the watch, which is also showcased behind a sapphire dome, we find more of the inner workings of the model. The HM10 movement is operated via the two crowns above the dial, with one used for time setting and the other for manually winding the caliber’s power reserve. Further adding to the bulldog theme, the watch has an unorthodox power-reserve display on the underside of the watch, stylized as a set of metal jaws complete with sharp canine teeth. When the jaws are open, the reserve is full; they slowly close as the 45-hour power reserve gradually gets spent, ultimately coming to a bite as it empties.

This complicated model is secured to the wrist via four sturdy titanium lugs, reminiscent of the legs on a muscular bulldog, which use screws to both hold their place on the case and attach them to a tapering leather strap, available in either rich brown or electric blue.

The new Horological Machine 10 “Bulldog” is available now via MB&F retailers , with the titanium model marketed by the brand at $105,000 and the rose gold option retailing at $120,000.

To learn more about WatchTime Live and to purchase tickets, you can visit the event website, here

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  1. Lone Wolf

    Before I read the article, I thought this was a clock. MB&F strikes again…

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