Hamilton X-Mach: Are You Moving Faster Than Sound?

Hamilton X-Mach

Hamilton’s new 44mm X-Mach lets you measure an aircraft’s speed relative to that of sound – Hamilton calls this the “Machmeter” feature. To perform this feat however, you need to be sitting in the cockpit. Pilots set the pressure altitude (PA) and calibrated air speed (CAS) measured by the aircraft’s instruments by turning the right crown of the watch to reveal the Mach number in ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) conditions on the bezel.

Consistent with its mission, the X-Mach is designed to capture the look of aircraft instruments. Both variations (stainless steel with or without black PVD) have a smooth black dial with silver-colored indices and matching counter frames. The case features carbon fiber inserts and white or black numerical markings around the bezel. The case back offers a display window in the approximate shape of a Star Trek insignia, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the ETA 7750 automatic movement inside. The dial has a cut-out around the date to reveal the underlying plate with ‘Clous de Paris’ finish. The watch is also available with a choice of a bracelet or black or brown straps. The MSRP is $1645, and the X-Mach is available at retailers now.

Technical information appears below the images, which you may click to open larger versions.

Hamilton X-Mach
Hamilton X-Mach
Hamilton X-Mach

Khaki X-Mach Auto Chronograph

Size: 44 mm
Material: Stainless steel or black PVD
Dial Color: Black
Attachments: Brown leather/black leather with carbon-fiber/black rubber/metal
Movement: Automatic 7750
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance 100 meters

International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) is an atmospheric model of how the pressure, temperature, density and viscosity of the earth’s atmosphere change over a wide range of altitudes. It consists of tables of values at various altitudes.

Calibrated Airspeed (CAS) is a measure of the speed at which an aircraft is moving through the air.

Pressure Altitude (PA) is the indicated altitude when an altimeter is set to an agreed baseline pressure setting. This setting – 101,325 Pa, equivalent to 1013.25 millibar (or hectopascals), or 29.92 inches Hg – is equivalent to the air pressure at Mean Sea Level (MSL) in the ISA.

Mach Number (Ma or M) is the speed of an object moving through air, or any fluid substance, divided by the speed of sound as it is in that substance. It is commonly used to represent an object’s speed, when it is travelling at (or at multiples of) the speed of sound. Mach 1.0 is the speed of sound, Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound etc.

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