F.P. Journe Launches 10th Anniversary Chronomètre à Resonance

 Chronomètre à Resonance

Though it was not the first piece produced under the F.P. Journe brand, the Chronomètre à Resonance certainly played a major role in establishing Journe’s reputation as a creative maverick. When it was launched, the watch, and the theory behind it, were frequently discussed in the online forums. In 2004, Journe introduced the second version of the Résonance with the first movement ever made in 18K rose gold, a specification that still applies to all of the brand’s chronometers. Now in 2010, Journe launches a special 10th anniversary model.

The dial at 9 o’clock now offers twin digital disks with a 24 hour display, defining the hours of day and night. The dial at 3 o’clock in silver guilloche indicates the local time in a traditional 12 hour display. The movement remains in 18K rose gold, and a new gear transmission has been added to power the 24 hour display. About this new model, Journe says that it remains the most precise mechanical watch in contemporary watchmaking.

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10th Anniversary Chronomètre a Résonance
10th Anniversary Chronomètre à Résonance
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