Doxa Launches Diving With Legends Book and Watch

Doxa Diving With Legends Sub

Peter Millar’s book Diving With Legends profiles some of diving’s greatest living legends, and Doxa Watches was proud to be on hand to help announce the launch of the book and a limited edition Diving With Legends watch. Several icons of the deep included in the book were on hand for the launch, and the event was made even more special as several members of the Doxa Watch Forum traveled from near and far to meet their diving heroes and share their Doxa diving stories.

The legends in attendance included David Trotter, Martha Watkins-Gilkes, Dan Crowell, Richie Kohler, Howard Hall, Ralph Wilbanks, Stan Waterman, Paul Oberle, Leigh Bishop and Jarrod Jablonski. In his presentation, Dr. Millar introduced the book and its contributors. Following the presentation, each contributing author was presented with a copy of the Diving With Legends book, as well as a limited edition Doxa Sub 1200T Professional Diving With Legends watch. Based on the new Doxa Sub 1200T, each of these high-quality dive watches is individually numbered from 1 – 99, and bears the Diving With Legends logo on the dial.

The Sub 1200T is Doxa’s latest offering, and is a tribute to the Doxa Sub 300T Conquistador – the first helium release valve (HRV) equipped dive watch to be offered to the general public back in 1969. The 1200T is water resistant to 1200 Meters and is equipped with an integrated helium release valve.

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DOXA SUB 1200T Professional Diving With Legends watch
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