Debuting at WatchTime New York 2019: The New HYT H5

The inventive “hydromechanical horologists” at HYT have unveiled a new twist to its unique time-telling system, in which two liquids in micro-tubes, rather than hands, trace the passing of the hours. The just-announced H5 model, powered by the new proprietary Caliber 501 and making its public debut in just two days at WatchTime New York, embraces the concept of natural erosion to create a time display that reveals not only the present time but the lasting impression of time past.

HYT H5 - front-angle
The HYT H5

The new movement, three years in development, is driven by a manual-winding mechanism that releases measured amounts of immiscible liquids — one clear, the other dark — which flow through capillary tubes to indicate the hour on a 1-through-12 scale. A specially shaped cam in the back of the movement allows the user to adjust and index the hour and minute displays in 13 different ways. A large, curved lever transmits the movement’s energy into the miniature bellows (which are visible through both the front and back of the caliber), which pump the liquids through the tube every 12 hours.

HYT H5 Caliber - Front
The all-new Caliber 501 has a power reserve of 65 hours.

The erosion inspiration is found under the domed sapphire glass that surrounds the 48.8-mm steel case and its stratified metal components with their stepped and sinuous lines. On the hour flange, made of Neoralite, vertical digits made from layers of Super-LumiNova appear to float around the watch during daylight and emit a ghostly glow as darkness falls. HYT employed 3D printing, injection, and precision grinding to create this distinctive scale.

HYT H5 Caliber 501 - back
HYT Caliber 501 uses a bellows system to transmit rotation into linear movement of liquids through tubes.

Two models of the HYT H5 are available, each limited to 25 pieces and each mounted on rubber straps with titanium buckles; one model uses green fluid for the hours, the other uses black. Curious to check out the HYT H5 and its unusual fluidic timekeeping system up close and in person? Saturday tickets for this year’s WatchTime New York event are still available; order yours now!

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