From the Big Screen to the Big Apple: “Venom’s” Bremont U2/51-Jet Lands at WatchTime New York 2018

In the Marvel/Columbia Pictures action thriller Venom, opening October 5, British actor Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, a disgraced journalist who merges with an alien symbiote to become the black-clad, super-powered antihero of the film’s title. Like his nightmarish alter ego, the watch that Hardy’s Brock wears in the film is defined by its dark exterior and gritty toughness: the Bremont U-2/51 Jet, launched this year in London and making its U.S. debut at WatchTime New York, America’s Luxury Watch Show, on October 26-27.

Tom Hardy - Venom - wearing Bremont
Tom Hardy wears a Bremont in his lead role of Eddie Brock in the upcoming movie Venom.
Bremont U-2/51-JET - side
The Bremont U-2/51 Jet was designed as a stealth bomber for the wrist.

The watch is the latest addition to Bremont’s U-2 range, which the British watch manufacturer originally developed for select clients in elite military squadrons. The U-2/51 Jet draws design inspiration from several of these earlier models as well as from a specific branch of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) —  the RAF 100 Squadron, the first team formed for night bombing, in 1917. The resulting watch is a veritable stealth bomber for the wrist — and the perfect wristwear for Hardy’s shadow-crawling, night-stalking “lethal protector,” Venom.

Bremont U-2/51-JET - flat
The extra crown at 4 o’clock controls the inner rotating flange.

The watch’s jet-black case is made of DLC-coated steel and features Bremont’s now familiar “Trip-Tick” case construction. Measuring 43 mm in diameter and equipped with a patented “Roto-Click” interior rotating bezel marked at the 5-minute indications and operated by the 4 o’clock crown. A double-nonreflective-coated, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covers the dial while an additional smoke-tinted crystal in the caseback offers a view of the self-winding, COSC-certified movement, Bremont’s Caliber BE-36AE, with a Bremont-modified skeletonized rotor and a 38-hour power reserve.

Bremont U-2/51 Jet - dial CU
The patented “Vintage ’51” luminous paint coats the numerals, indices and hands.

On the black dial, the triangular hands have been blued, heat treated, and coated with a faux-patina aged luminous substance called “Vintage ’51,” patented by Bremont and used previously on the brand’s Limited Edition P-51 timepiece. The innovative R&D department also experimented with a new type of anodization to achieve the deep black color of the aluminum case middle.

Bremont U-2/51 JET - crown
The aluminum case barrel gets its jet-black color from a special anodization process.

Like all previous models in Bremont’s U2 collection — and like Venom himself in the new movie — this watch is battle-tested: flown on missions  reaching up to 80,000 feet over 12 hours and subjected to temperatures as low as -50 degrees. The Bremont U-2/51 Jet is priced at $5,395.

Bremont U-2/51 JET - reclining
Bremont U-2/51 JET – reclining

If you want to see the watch put through its paces on Tom Hardy’s wrist, catch Venom in the theaters this October. If you’re interested in checking it out in person, reserve you spot now for WatchTime New York at Manhattan’s Gotham Hall.

Tom Hardy - Venom - wearing Bremont
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