Batman Returns: Rolex Launches GMT-Master II with Black-and-Blue Bezel and Jubilee Bracelet

The Rolex GMT-Master II, the Swiss power brand’s iconic travelers’ watch, launched with a new red-and-blue “Pepsi” bezel and a revamped jubilee bracelet in 2018. Rolex follows up that much-discussed debut with 2019’s version of the GMT-Master II, this one sporting the popular black-and-blue “Batman” bezel. Here’s what you need to know about the watch, one of Rolex’s highlight pieces from this year’s Baselworld.

Rolex GMT-Master II Batman - frontThe 904L stainless steel case (Rolex refers to the material as “Oystersteel”) measures 40 mm in diameter and is guaranteed waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet) thanks in part to a solid steel, fluted-edge caseback that is hermetically screwed down with a special tool, exclusive to Rolex, that allows watchnakers easy access to the movement. The case, constructed in Rolex’s famous “Oyster” style, also features integrated crown guards flanking the screw-down crown.

Rolex GMT-Master II Batman - side - crown

The 24-hour bidirectional GMT bezel — which ardent Rolex fans have nicknamed “Batman” due to its bold, graduated blue-to-black color scheme, has an insert made of Cerachrom, whose moulded, recessed graduations and numerals are coated with platinum in PVD. The ceramics used for the insert are exceptionally resistant to scratches, corrosion, and the effects of ultraviolet rays, which could otherwise dull the vibrant colors over time. The bicolor bezel’s 24-hour scale can be synchronized with the triangle-tipped GMT hand on the dial to quickly and easily read the time in a time zone other than your own, while the hour and minute hands and date all continue to display the local time. The bezel surrounds a nearly scratchproof sapphire crystal, with the familiar Cyclops lens magnifying the date display in a window at 3 o’clock.

Rolex GMT-Master II Batman - angle

Inside the case is Rolex’s in-house Caliber 3285, which debuted in the “Pepsi” version of the watch last year and boasts 10 patents pending for its technical advances. Among these are its so-called Chronergy escapement, made of magnetism-resistant nickel phosphorus that renders the movement both highly energy efficient and extremely durable. The oscillator uses a blued hairspring made of Parachrom, a Rolex-exclusive paramagnetic alloy, which resists shocks better than a traditional hairspring and thus, according to Rolex, increases the timekeeping precision by a factor of 10. The self-winding movement’s improved barrel architecture allows for a power reserve of 70 hours when the watch is fully wound. Of course, like all Rolex watches since 2015, this one has aced the series of in-house tests necessary to achieve the “Superlative Chronometer” designation, which it touts on its black lacquered dial, orbited by white gold hands and studded at the hour markers with highly luminescent Chromalight appliqués.

Rolex GMT-Master II Batman - side - bezel

Also like its predecessor, the watch is mounted on a steel bracelet in the historical five-link “Jubilee” style (rather than the more common three-link “Oyster” style), which was created specifically for the first Rolex Datejust in 1945 and now slated for all new models of the GMT-Master II in stainless steel cases. Designed to be both supple and comfortable, the bracelet is engineered to integrate seamlessly into the case with a concealed attachment system, and is equipped with both the Oysterlock safety clasp to prevent accidental opening and the Easylink quick-extension system — another Rolex patent, way back in 1966 —which allows the wearer to increase the bracelet’s length by 5 mm. The new GMT-Master II is priced at $9,250.

Rolex GMT-Master II Batman - side - bracelet CU
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  1. orlando castro

    I am very interested in this Watch
    I have a collection and would love to get a great deal

  2. Love Rolex. Have several but lately I think they are catering to third party retailers. Visit your authorized Rolex store and be surprised to see multiple variations of datejust & a couple of expensive, old model, solid gold professionals. Even in Europe. Then check the 3rd party online pricing is way off the roof. I believe in free market but to a point. What’s up Rolex?

  3. Hello Rolex Lovers,
    I would like to share with you all that it is NOT impossible to get the watch that you desire!
    FYI, I have my Trifecta of Rolex watches: 2018 Daytona White Ceramic, 2019 NEW Batman with Jubilee and 2017 Submariner No-Date. I am also on the short list for a GMT Pepsi Jubilee which will be available very soon, if I want 2 GMT’s…??
    All were paid at Retail prices plus tax, except for Daytona which I received a small cash discount and paid no sales tax.
    Keep the faith fellow aficionados.

  4. Linda McLean

    I am interested in buying this for my husband as soon as possible. Please advise if you know where I can find one?

  5. Curtis Fish

    Great review of the Rolex GMT II; AKA BatMan! What a beautiful timepiece!!

  6. Beautiful watch but what is the point as you will never find one. New Stainless Steel Rolex have been impossible to find over the past 2 years. That used to only apply to the Daytona but now it seems universal. Too bad as Rolex makes a fine watch. After market pricing is ridiculous and I am not sure who will be crazy enough to pay way over list.

  7. Serge Yutsis

    It’s a beautiful watch, we do understand this – thank you author – what is the point? Should we pay double? I think Rolex can do whatever – this is their business and I honestly respect that. Article doesn’t make much sense to me: awesome watch, pity you cannot get one. Sorry.

  8. Vanilla Bean

    Rolex has purposely created a false “shortage” of watches (even though they manufacture nearly one million watches every year) so they can squeeze all the sheep who think Rolex is the only company that makes quality watches. Fools.

    All you fanboys should also keep in mind Rolex’s notoriously heartless business tactics to put every independent watchmaker out of business, despite the fact that Rolex has insufficient internal capacity to service all their watches. Not only that, they won’t even service their own vintage watches! They don’t care about customers or watchmakers. Anyone who falls for their lack of design imagination, that date window and the ridiculously unnecessary optical wart deserves the lousy treatment the dealers give you. And you still come back for more. When will you recognize that you are being taken for fools by the company. If people would wake up and stop buying Rolexes, they would change their business practices.

  9. Emilio Ho

    It is funny to review or present a watch that who knows when will it be available with the current Rolex shortage. To top that the reference price is far from real with all the speculation going on.

  10. Garrett Hu

    Why does Rolex keep introducing new models that can’t produce? It’s just another model you will never see in a Rolex AD. What’s the point? Why even cover Rolex when you are telling people about watches they can’t buy?

  11. Luis Fernandez

    How long is the waiting to get my hands on this beautiful watch?

  12. Matthew Schwartz

    beautiful..i made many inquiries …i even called rolex new york headquarters…you can only obtain this watch at retail if your an insider…that sucks…need i say more!!!

  13. Terry

    I want this for my birthday coming up but I know I have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting one on retail price. Rolex watches are for the super rich, guys like me have no chance unless you pay the marked up price. Sad but true.

  14. Asif khot

    Dear sir, the watchBatman Returns: Rolex Launches GMT-Master II with Black-and-Blue Bezel and Jubilee Bracelet”
    Design, color, dial, belt, everything is perfect. Very good, beautiful. I liked it very much.

  15. I love Rolex, however I’m not impressed, you just can’t keep reinventing the wheel. It’s too me for sure merging new and groundbreaking! Just my opinion.

  16. I love Rolex, however I’m not impressed, you just can’t keep reinventing the wheel. It’s too me for sure merging new and groundbreaking! Just my opinion.

  17. R.Willner

    That’s all good and nice ,but where and when can I purchase the new Batman at the retail price of $9250.00.

  18. Louis Siracusa

    That is the most desirable watch to own aside from my 50 year Pan am Pepsi which still looks like the day I bought it . With the help of a Rolex tech I paid $ 265.00 back in 1970… whew I loose this one I’m dead !

  19. Michael Maggi

    Good luck finding 1 at an AD. Terrible times for Rolex SS Sport model lovers.

  20. Achmad Heru Wijoyo

    Where store in Indonesia or Singapore I can buy this Batman? How is the price?

  21. Larry White

    That’s the one I would buy if I had 9000 extra dollars classy not bold.

  22. George Joannou

    I love this watch . I have the GMT MASTER II Pepsi . Basically same watch different bezel red and blue as opposed to black and blue.
    The 3285 Calibre movement is a real gem keeps amazing time. I ordered mine after it was introduced at Basal World 2018 and picked it up a month ago. In hindsight if I knew the Batman was coming with the jubilee bracelet and black and blue bezel I would have waited and ordered the Batman. Nevertheless the Pepsi is a beautiful watch with legendary parentage.

    I would have waited.


      George, are you a VIP so you really got that Pepsi at list price in just a year?

      • George Joannou

        No , I wish I was a VIP. You have to build up a relationship with the staff at a AD. Keep in touch and it helps if you are a repeat customer.

  23. James H

    Impossible to get retail unless you’re filthy rich and always buy watches there, know a connect that’s high ranking or pay overpriced from a reseller. Love watches but it pains me top see this happen to us commoners who are also true watch lovers and enthusiasts.

  24. Robert Espinoza

    It’s not the batman anymore. The jubilee is to feminine for a GMT 2…
    It’s the BATGIRL now….

  25. Tony haddad

    I went to rolex store in lebanon to buy this watch. They told me it is the latest edition and the number of watches delivered is stricted and no exact delevery time. Thank u.

  26. Not a fan of the jubilee bracelet. I think the discontinued Batman 116710 BLNR is by far a much more attractive watch. Just my opinion.

  27. Brian B

    To bad you won’t be seeing these in an AD anytime soon! Already seen one up for sale on WatchRecon for $23k.

  28. Stephen Milton

    You should cease publicing Rolex sports models like GMT Master II, Submariner and Sea Dweller as these watches are produced on a very restricted basis and are generally not available to the public unless you are a celebrity or a millionaire. Boycott Rolex sports models!!

    • Garrett Hu

      It’s frustrating, it makes you wonder why so many people want one, I’m sure there are true collectors but the truth is most demand is from people who want a symbol of success in their wrist. The majority of the market for Rolex is that aspiring demographic.

  29. Lots of pretty pictures from Rolex, but no product. Tried to buy one at the HongKong Airport Boutique last month and all I get was a rude “no” !

    • Peter

      I agree with John. I went to a Brisbane boutique and had to grovel to them just to get on their list. I had to fill in a form and was only allowed to apply for one model with no guarantee that I would get one. I also had to write down my reason for wanting one…ridiculous.

    • It’s a joke Rolex spending all this money advertising products when u go into any retailer they have No watches especially Stainless. But u look at eBay and everything available with a premium mark up.

      • Simon

        Interest of some high ranking executive is not necessary the same as the interest of the company he works for, if you know what I mean.

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