Close-Up: 5 Grand Seiko Watches That Pay Homage to 1964 Classic

Last year, Seiko added several new models to its prestigious Grand Seiko watch collection. Along with the new hi-beat GMT models, which we covered here, these Grand Seiko watches include five new models that pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of a fondly remembered Grand Seiko from 1964.

The Grand Seiko Homage to 1964 watches are all limited editions, with three of the watches equipped with Seiko’s hybrid mechanical-quartz Spring Drive movement and the other two containing a high-precision quartz movement, Seiko Caliber 9F82. The clean simplicity of the new Grand Seiko models echoes that of the 1964 Seiko “Self-dater,” the very first Grand Seiko watch to incorporate a date window. The “Self-dater” — intended to be a more “practical” version of the original Grand Seiko — is a favorite among devotées of Seiko’s historical watch models.

The three watches with the Caliber 9R15 Spring Drive movement (References SBGA103, SBGA105, and SBGA107) include two in stainless steel cases (with silvered or blue dials) and one in a platinum case, with cream-colored dial. The Spring Drive caliber, which is characterized by a quartz oscillator powered by a traditional mechanical mainspring barrel system, gives the watches a high level of timekeeping precision, accurate to within +/- .5 seconds per day (+/- 10 seconds per month). The cases are 39.9 mm in diameter and water-resistant to The dials of the Spring Drive models also have a hand-type indicator for the watches’ 72-hour power reserve. The steel versions of the Grand Seiko Homage 1964 Spring Drive watches are limited to 500 pieces (price: $6,500) and come on a stainless steel bracelet with triple-fold push-button clasp; the platinum version, which comes on a crocodile leather strap, is limited to 50 pieces (price: $34,500).

Seiko Grand Seiko 1964 - SBGA103
Ref. SBGA103 (steel)
Seiko Grand Seiko 1964 - SBGA105
Ref. SBGA105 (steel)


Seiko Grand Seiko 1964 - SBGA107
Ref. SBGA107 (platinum)

The other two Grand Seiko 1964 limited editions (References SBGV009 AND SBGV011) have 37.2-mm-diameter steel cases and contain Seiko’s high-precision, “super-sealed” quartz Caliber 9F82, with a high-torque stepping motor and an instantaneous date change. Accurate to +/- 10 seconds per year, the movement has been described by Seiko as “the most advanced quartz [movement] ever created.” Seiko offers both a silver-dialed (limited to 1,200 pieces) and black-dialed (900 pieces) version of the watch, each of which comes with both a crocodile leather strap and a stainless steel bracelet with triple-fold push-button clasp. Both are priced at $4,000.


Seiko Grand Seiko 1964 - SBGV009
Seiko Grand Seiko 1964 - SBGV011


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  1. Jack Riddle

    I have owned a used Seiko perpetual date calendar watch – 10 year battery life – for about 5 years now and I can say that it keeps better time then the 2 Rolex’s I USED to own, or the old Seamaster Omega I presently own. The wrist watch was originated to give correct time, and any other information that the maker could add to its function, without sacrificing good time…Seems to have turned into “bling”…too bad.

  2. CCN 1410

    The SBGV009 And SBGV011 models are extremely beautiful.
    I also own a Seiko Kinetic, but after eight years of crashed use, and in my country there is no one who can make it work again.

  3. Billy

    I was very happy to see an article about Seiko and specifically Grand Seiko’s. I’m a recent cancer survivor and treated myself last year to a Seiko Ananta Double Retrograde Automatic. If I can make it through another year, I am saving my pennies to buy a Grand Seiko. I’m 63 years old. I’ve owned and worn many different watches (Seiko, Rolex, Omega, Bulova, Hamilton and a Casio Gshock). For some reason though, I am drawn to the Grand Seiko. Maybe it is the beautiful simplicity in their design and the fit and finish. Whatever the reason, I live to own one !!! :). Thank you for the great article !

    • MrTissot

      Hey Billy,

      I also share your passion for Seiko watches and in fact all watches in general. I have two Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive models; a Velatura and a Sportura. They are awesome. I also own a Seiko Ananta Spring Drive GMT model SNR019J1. Its an absolute joy to own and wear. This masterpiece looks so much better in the flesh. No photo can ever do it justice and only ever owning one can reveal its amazing beauty and quality craftsmanship. Its a real killer on the wrist and gets me an amazing amount of attention; mind you sometimes unwanted or at the wrong time!! The quality and finish is outstanding and OMG that sweeping seconds hand is to die for. Check out some reviews on Youtube. Very informative. I, like yourself would love to own a Grand Seiko watch. I’m aiming for the Grand Seiko 36000 Hi-Beat. Dream come true!! You are right in that its the simplicity and uncluttered look that makes them so special also.

      If you are looking for a value quick fix interim watch with amazing lume and legibility, buy yourself a Victorinox Dive Master 500 model no. 241425 with Blue Dial and Blue Rubber strap. This is my everyday great looking banger and its a true performer for the money. Check it out on Youtube and Ebay. Very worthwhile.

      On another note, hope you get better and keep fighting my friend. If watches is what does it for you and helps you fight, then go for it!!

      Cheers :)

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