10 Things to Know About the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

Last year marked Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with a series of limited-edition timepieces? Why not include the most complicated wristwatch Patek Philippe has ever created? That’s just what they did. Here are ten things you need to know about it.

1. This timepiece – the Grandmaster Chime, Ref. 5175, represents a remarkable effort. More than 100,000 hours over eight years were devoted to development, production, and assembly. The movement alone required 60,000 hours to perfect.

 Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime
The Grandmaster Chime is the most complicated wristwatch Patek Philippe has ever created.


2. The Grandmaster Chime is the first double-face wristwatch presented by Patek Philippe that can be worn with either dial facing up. The case, elaborately engraved in 18k rose gold, measures 47.4 mm in diameter and 16.1 mm in height. The central portion of the case rotates on an axis running from 12 to 6 o’clock. A patented reversing mechanism locks the case firmly in the desired position. The case contains 214 parts, and it required four years of development.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime
The Grandmaster Chime case rotates using a patented reversing mechanism.


3. The movement goes by the shorthand designation Caliber 300, but just as Prince Harry’s full title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, this movement’s full designation is Caliber 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM. It is the most complicated wristwatch movement Patek Philippe has ever produced.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime
The 1,366 part Caliber 300 movement is constructed in four main layers.


4. The manually wound movement has 20 complications and 1,366 parts, including 32 bridges and 108 jewels. It runs at the unusual frequency of 25,200 vph, or 3.5 Hz. A complete list of the complications is shown in the graphic below. All of these complications are contained in a movement measuring only 37 mm x 10.7 mm. That is an amazing feat of micro-engineering.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime
Timepieces with just one of the Grandmaster Chime’s complications, such as a minute repeater or a grand sonnerie, are considered quite impressive.
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  1. Ramaoto

    I am interested in The Grand Master Chime, where can i buy it?
    How much is the price?

  2. Michael

    If 100 of us chipped in, it would only cost 25,000 CHF and we get to wear it for 3.6 days a year – totally worth it.
    Really now, Patek has drawn the attention of all serious collectors to their brand. What a commitment. Congratulations!

  3. Why does the home page have a section entitled :10 things to know about Rolex”, yet when clicked the article on Patek Philippe appears? That said, what a great piece of mechanics.

  4. MrTissot

    This is what dreams are made of !!
    This is the epitome of total and utter horological madness !! The best of the best !! Absolutely astonishing !!

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