Watches & Wonders 2023: Piaget’s Latest Polo Perpetual Calendar Is Rock Solid

While watches with stone dials become en-vogue again and are adopted by more and more brands, others can look back at a history in this field that spans several decades. Piaget had an extensive collection of watches with stone dials in the 1950s, and this tradition has really set into the brand’s DNA. The latest version of the Polo Perpetual Calender with blue obsidian dial is, therefore, a very welcome addition to the line-up of Piaget’s sportiest sibling.

Blue works well with a wide variety of watches, and the Piaget Polo is no exception. The blue obsidian has some grey tones to it, which makes it a nice balance between being elegant and sportive, precisely the sweet spot Piaget is aiming at with the Polo collection to begin with. Apart from the craftsmanship needed to make it, one of the most enticing aspects of a stone dial is that no two are alike. The texture is always different, giving you a unique watch.

Piaget combined the dial with a bezel set with brilliant-cut blue sapphires in the bezel. While I can surely enjoy the use of gemstones on watches, I wasn’t sold on the concept with this particular watch when I saw the embargoed pictures. In real life, I have to alter my opinion about it. The blue sapphires work well with the dial, as they share the same hue but complement each other by delivering it differently. As the blue sapphires are not all the same size, they emphasize the cushion-shaped case of the dial, which gives a very pleasing effect.

In terms of movement, there also nothing to complain. Caliber 1255P is only 4mm thick, allowing the Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar to have an overall height of just 8mm, with a diameter of 42mm. Given the fact that it is features a perpetual calendar complication and automatic winding, this is quite the achievement. The Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar Blue Obsidian is priced at $114,000

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